How To Become Income Tax Officer In India?

Governing is the dream of most young people today. Promising young people take many exams every year to pass one or the other. After graduation you can try to find work in the public sector. Every year several state exams are held. One of the most popular jobs for young people is that of income tax officer or ITO.

Many students dream of passing the Income Tax Specialist Exam in India. The income tax department employs a tax inspector. The Receipts Tax Officer handles tax cases within the Central Board of Direct Taxes. This person is responsible for reviewing all personal and business taxes, bills and other information to ensure taxes are paid on time and in the correct amount. This is one of the highest positions in the Ministry of Finance. In addition to this title, you will receive a good salary and other benefits offered by the central government.

If you are also looking for information on how to become an income tax professional in India, this article will give you all the information you need.

How to become an income tax employee in India?

If you want to know when you become an income tax payer, we have the details for you here. Once you graduate, there are two ways to apply for a payroll administrator job. One is competing in the SSC CGL exam and the other is competing in the UPSC exam organized by the Government of India. Every year, several students apply for the position of payroll tax inspector. This position is in high demand as it is a good living and also offers good development opportunities.

SSC CGL stands for Staff Selection Commission, General Graduation Examination and is an examination conducted by the Central Government of India.

What is the role of income tax specialist in India?

As an income tax preparer, you have a lot to do. One of its main functions is to levy or collect revenue for the Government of India in the form of taxes paid by the people. All Indian citizens or those engaged in a business activity must pay tax based on their income. When a person exceeds a certain income threshold, he or she must pay taxes. Again, this is their total income or profit from their business. As part of their duties, income tax auditors must review the records of individuals who have filed tax returns and ensure that no one is filing fraudulent returns or paying less than they owe. To this end, they must audit all the financial statements of the person or company.

Qualifications for income tax assistance

There are certain criteria or qualifications that you must meet if you want to apply for a job as an income tax specialist. These are the rules set by the Government of India and so you have to follow them before applying for the entrance exams.

  • You must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in India. There are no specific percentages or qualifying grades you must achieve in an undergraduate degree.
  • You must have reached the age of 30 on the application form. But there is some relief for reserved candidates. OBCs are subject to a three-year relaxation, and ST/SCs are subject to a five-year relaxation. Physically disabled people also get 10 to 15 years rest, depending on the category. Former military personnel can also apply for the position of income tax inspector. They also get three to eight years of rest.
  • It helps if you have a degree in art, business or science. This will help you achieve your goal better.

Both men and women can apply for the position of Income Tax Officer. The same selection criteria apply to candidates. So anyone can apply for the position of income tax inspector.

Admission examination– SSC CGL:

As we said, there are two ways to get a tax position. So, if you have decided to take the SSC CGL Income Tax Specialist exam, here is some useful information for you. You had to be over 18 and under 30. You must also hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university in any discipline.

In addition to all this, you must also pass a physical test. To do this, you must meet a minimum condition. Physical fitness requirements for job applicants:

  • Man: The waist should be 157.5 cm and the chest 81 cm at full extension.
  • Woman: The length must be 152 cm and the weight over 48 kg.

You’ll also need to take some fitness tests, such as. B. 1600 m run in 15 minutes and 8 km bike in 30 minutes for men. For women, it’s a 1km walk in 20 minutes and a 3km bike ride in 25 minutes. If you think you can meet these requirements, you can apply to become a Social Security auditor.

SSC process CGL:

The recruitment process has four phases or levels of recruitment. You must first pass part of the test, then the physical test, followed by an interview. If you pass all these steps, you will be given a medical test. Of the four steps, you should only focus on the first two; the other two are not necessary for the payroll tax auditor position.

Tier or Tier 1 : This is a pre-test that contains two different documents. The first item is about general intelligence and general understanding for 100 points, the second item is about math and logical thinking. For the second article, you also get 100 points. It is important to note that this is a qualifying test only and the results will not be reflected in your final score. You will receive two hours for each assignment, for a total of four hours.

Level or Level 2 : After you have passed the entrance exam, you should start preparing for the main exam. This is the most important step of the placement test. It consists of two stages – the first is a written test and the second is a personal interview. Since this is the most difficult and important phase, you should start the preparation as soon as the preparation phase is over.

The written exam tests general topics such as general knowledge and logical reasoning, understanding of the English language, numeracy, language and communication skills, both oral and written. The entire course is worth 200 points and the exam takes three hours. The English and language test are worth 100 points each and you have 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete them. The numeracy and communication skills tests are designed to be marked out of 200 each. You have four hours for numeracy and two hours and twenty minutes for communication skills.

If you do well and pass this stage, you will be invited for a personal interview. This is the final step in the recruitment process for income tax purposes. You will be tested on your personality and intelligence. In addition to this personal interview, you may be asked to take an aptitude test. This means that your typing skills will be tested. You have to type 2,000 words in 15 minutes.

The Level I exam is taken online and the Level II exam offline. It is very important that you score well on the Step 1 test, even though the Step 1 score does not count towards the final score. Every year, several people take the SSC CGL exam. So, if you don’t get good results in the first stage, you have to drop out of the race. Whether the score adds up or not, you just have to make sure you score well.

Each category has its own cut-off point, and if you’re in an unconditional category, you’ll have to work harder than you think.

Admission test – UPSC:

If you are looking for an alternative method to hack an employee’s tax status, you can try UPSC. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission and this exam is conducted for civil service posts like Indian Revenue Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service and other posts like Income Tax Officers.

Once you complete the training, you can apply for the position of Income Tax Officer by passing the UPSC exam. You should not have crossed the age of 32 years to hold the position of Income Tax Inspector by taking the UPSC exam. A General Manager candidate may take the exam six times before turning 32, and a General Manager candidate may take the exam before turning 35. You have nine chances to take this exam. An SC/ST candidate can try until the age of 37 and there is no limit on the number of attempts. They can try as many times as they want.

Career development

One of the most important things everyone looks for when looking for a job in the public sector is job security and good growth. If you manage to pass the UPSC exam at a young age, you will see a good progress in your career. Depending on your career path, you may learn from


  • Assistant Commissioner for Income Tax
  • Assistant Commissioner for Income Tax
  • Assistant Commissioner for Income Tax
  • Additional representative income tax
  • Commissioner Income Tax
  • Chief Commissioner of Income Tax

Wages and salaries

One of the best things you can look forward to when you’re pressed for time as a taxpayer is your paycheck. It’s pretty good. You earn something between Rs 45,000 and rupees. 1,25,000. It all depends on how much you get paid. In addition to salary, there are special allowances to which the Association is entitled for tax assistance.

Other skills:

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, you must have other skills. They can be very useful for job applications and promotions. You should have good communication skills, time management skills, numeracy skills and you should also be able to pay attention to detail.

This will help you get the job done right.

There is no internship program for the position of Income Tax Officer. But if you are selected, you must attend at least 12 weeks of training. The Regional Training Institute for Direct Taxes or DTRTI can help you with this training. In addition, you can acquire knowledge of investigative law, administrative law and tax law. This gives you the opportunity to do your job as a tax assistant better.


As mentioned earlier, there are aspirants of UPSC and SSC CGL who want to become income tax inspector. So you need to start preparing in time to pass the exam in the first attempt. UPSC has put a limit on the number of attempts you can take, so you need to be very sure when you are ready to take the exam to pass.

frequently asked questions

What are the eligibility requirements for an income tax inspector position?

To become an income tax officer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any field. The candidate must be registered on 1 July of the year in which the examination is held. The applicant must be at least 27 years old at the time of application.

What is the salary of an income tax specialist in India?

income tax salaries of government officials


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