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Fashion fashion fashion fashion: Tore jeans, tattoos, spiky hair. I think we’re all aware of that. These are the latest fashion trends. Fashion is defined by Wikipedia: the popular or trendy style of clothing, hair, or behavior, so all salons and discos are also part of the latest fashion. The field of fashion has now expanded to include the latest mobile phones, cars, and related accessories. The definition of fashion has thus been extended to new areas and is no longer limited to clothing as it used to be.

A trendy test language article.

Today we see people of all ages, especially millennia, who love fashion. They follow the latest fashion trends without wondering if they need it or if it suits them. They’re just behind on the latest fashion trends. Bollywood stars are the icons here. Whatever style a star uses in a particular movie, viewers copy that style. Everyone wants to look spectacular among their friends.

The way people think or see is also responsible for this madness. Now the appearance is considered cool or different, day after day. The latest hairstyles, clothing, and shoes are always in demand. Social media have also played an important role in this context. The comments, promotions, messages, tastes, and advertisements on these platforms regularly inform users about the latest fashion trends and, thanks to the numerous e-commerce sites, everything is available in a single click. These websites inform their users about the latest trends and offer them many possibilities and options to view and compare different items, creating the desire to buy and try out the latest options.

Fashion, as I said, is not only about clothing but also about behavior. Nightclub parties are common because they are the anger to have fun with friends, and if you don’t like to go, you should go because your friends will think you’re old-fashioned. The fascination for fashion therefore also brings changes to the existing culture. You see people fall into the trap of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and deadly stunts on their bikes just to keep up with the latest trends, otherwise they won’t be considered cool among their friends.

Fashion is fine as long as it doesn’t conflict with your true personality. She should be a part of our lives, but she shouldn’t rule our lives. Fashion contributes to our personality, but it is not our identity. It’s better to go for the trends that suit us than to go for the fashion trends that we don’t like. A well-chosen style that suits our personality and that we feel comfortable to wear is true fashion sense. It adds charisma and dynamism to a person’s personality, but someone who is satisfied with blindly following others does not benefit, no matter how much it costs or how long it takes. So be fashionable, but not fashion blind.

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