Pollution In Delhi Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Composition

Delhi Pollution – test, speech, article, paragraph, composition

People in Delhi – are you breathing oxygen or poison?

Pollution in Delhi

The season of light and happiness left an atmosphere in the National Capital that did not allow the eyes to see those lights in the distance, and the heart was not healthy enough to enjoy the festivities. Delhi residents saw a foggy sunset the next day of Diwali and breathed poisonous gases instead of oxygen. According to daily reports, air quality in Delhi is measured at 999, while the normal value is 150.

People all over the world are suffering from poverty, inequality, injustice, financial crisis and the citizens of the Indian capital are struggling to survive.  The festival ended a few weeks ago but left its lingering smog over the capital.

Delhi Pollution test, speech, article, paragraph, composition Delhi Pollution test, speech, article, paragraph, composition

The Kejriwal government promised during the election campaign to reduce pollution in Delhi. The government has taken action and that action is to push the envelope. Below are some of the initiatives taken by the Delhi government and the Supreme Court to help people breathe healthily:

Pollution control measures in Delhi


Under this scheme, which began in January, even and odd-numbered vehicles will operate on different days. This would reduce both pollution and inconvenience from bulky vehicles.

We take care of our defenders

The government provided masks for the traffic police. It would protect them in the midst of a cloud of pollution.

Why should the rich be spared?

The Supreme Court has banned vehicles with a displacement of more than 2,000 ccs. This also applies to off-road vehicles.

Taxi owners are turning around: The Supreme Court has ruled that all taxis in the capital must be converted to CNG by March 2017.

The National Green Tribunal has used portals and government agencies to bypass all diesel vehicles. We all know diesel is cheaper, but are we willing to pay the high hospital bills?

The government will do its part, but that doesn’t take anything away from us. Measures to be taken by all citizens to reduce pollution :

Control measures to be taken by the citizens of Delhi to reduce pollution

No secret. Yes, public..

Citizens must increasingly use public transport to reduce pollution in cities. The government has ensured that the number of buses and rickshaws in the capital increases.

Stop being bitter

Citizens should start using CNG in vehicles. It may cost more than diesel, but if the health is there, we’re there.

You need to hide this pretty face for a while

By using face masks, such as. B. N99 and N95, humans are largely free of respiratory toxins.

To see the fog no more

Citizens should avoid all forms of contact near construction sites. These areas emit gases, making the air very unhealthy for the eyes and respiratory system.

The above measures are familiar to many of us, but the level of the national capital remains the 11th most polluted city in the WHO rankings. I urge every citizen to take steps to make India a pollution-free country, a pollution-free capital city.


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