BMS Course Details: Eligibility, Syllabus, Salary, Fees, Scope and more

Every task requires management. Management is an art in business. Management is taking responsibility in an organization. Many organizations today operate effectively through management. Management creates a disciplined or professional environment in any business. Management may include the control, supervision, and regulation of work tasks. It takes a lot of skills to run the business and keep it up to date. The Bachelor of Business Management Studies is one such course that prepares candidates to become future managers.

The WSB is a three-year postgraduate course that trains candidates in the fundamentals of business administration. The three main aspects of this training program are resource management, economic management, and business management. Candidates who expect to work in a corporate environment will appreciate this course. The BMS course is similar to the BBA and BBM but deals more with the area of business management. This course provides candidates with a broad knowledge of business methods, entrepreneurship, finance, commerce, economics, and the factors of dynamic management in the business world. This is a theoretical subject with a good dose of practical experience. Candidates can learn how to solve real problems in business.

The main requirement for the candidate in this course is the quality of team building and communication skills. Some knowledge of current world stock markets and the stock market is also very important for this course. It is a comprehensive program designed to develop critical thinking skills to solve management problems. Let’s take a look at the course details to join the BMS course.

Why should you study BMS?

Management is a combination of financial, accounting, marketing, supply chain, and operational systems. These are the most difficult areas in business today. Candidates who choose the BMS course are able to perform these tasks within the company. There are many reasons to choose this course, including the following:

  • Professional career opportunities such as specialist, professor, and business leader are open to you. Even without pursuing GHGs, candidates for MSBs fill these positions and are paid decently. Students who prefer ease in their career choose this BMS course.
  • People who are interested in problem-solving prefer a BMS degree. This enables them to provide innovative solutions to complex management problems. If you are interested in business functions in an organization, this degree is the most appropriate.
  • Candidates pursuing a postgraduate degree in MIM will find the BMS degree useful. The BMS diploma is an excellent foundation for the Master in Management. This opens up international career opportunities for candidates.

BMS Course Details

The WSB’s three-year program focuses on the development of essential skills. This is a course that helps candidates understand the difference between management and administration. It promotes them as team players, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Some of the main options in this course.

Personnel Management :

This course emphasizes the importance of managing an organization’s most valuable resource: the individual. You can learn about the various policies, laws, practices, analyses, and relationships related to human resources management in an organization. The HR concept offers brilliant opportunities for candidates who choose to pursue a master’s degree and a job.

Economics for Management:

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the importance of economic and management decisions in an organization. It is a concept that focuses more on the allocation and distribution of resources. Candidates interested in economics have a bright future if they pursue a master’s degree in this field.

Organizational Behavior :

The organizational structure is the most important aspect of management. Without structure, it is impossible to manage. This is an area where you can learn how group work helps to improve the organization. Some of the skills you can develop here are teamwork, leadership, and unity.

Eligibility criteria for the WSB course

Candidates must meet some of the basic eligibility criteria to participate in the WSB. Colleges are very strict about the requirements in this area. Individuals who have earned a BBMS diploma with a grade of 12. In addition, candidates must score at least 50% in all 12 exams.

All candidates must have a good command of the English language and be able to communicate. The admission shall be accompanied by the documents required by the University administration. Ask about the minimum score before enrolling in a course. Some colleges have entrance exams. To take a BMS course, you must qualify in all of these areas.

Course for WSB:

Candidates who choose the BMS program have a total of 6 semesters. During all these semesters, candidates are introduced to all aspects of management education. The general program is as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting
  • Strategic management
  • Business Administration
  • Introduction to international trade
  • advanced accounting
  • System administration
  • Management of human resources
  • Microeconomics
  • Commercial law
  • Organizational strategy
  • Manual
  • Management of the bank

Cost and duration of WSB training:

BMS is the most affordable commercial course in many parts of the country. The payment schedule may vary depending on the college level. The BMS is a three-year licensure program consisting of six semesters. You may have to pay for each semester. Some colleges also use the annual teaching method. The price of BMS courses starts from 8000 to 3 lakh per annum. The best universities may charge 2 lakh per year for this course.

Future scope of BMS course

The BMS degree introduces candidates to the basics of business. This course helps students develop skills in problem-solving, team building, goal setting, and strategic thinking. In addition to these skills, students acquire the knowledge necessary to pursue their studies in this field. Here are some of the key perspectives of BMS graduates:

BMS graduates can opt for the PGDM or MBA for a higher salary. These courses provide expertise in the areas of the supply chain, business intelligence, and operations. The duration of PGDM and MBA courses is 2 years. You can easily access these courses if you get 50% of your BMS credits.

  • Master in Management :

A master’s degree in management is another excellent way to broaden your management experience. MMS graduates have excellent international career opportunities. Many leading companies easily hire these graduates for an excellent salary. You can get an MMS degree from a specialized university to be better recognized in your career.

  • Courses for professional degrees :

There are not only certification courses but also many diploma courses for WSBs. BMS degree programs prepare you for a position as a business manager, human resources manager, or other specialized management position. There are many degrees like the PG in business management, mass communication, statistics, and hotel management.

Career opportunities for BMS

Not everyone likes to do this job after graduating from BMS. Some people want to go to college after BMS. If you want to improve your knowledge in this area, you have many options. In this category, you can choose from masters, doctorates, online programs, and degrees. Here are some of the postgraduate degrees.

Best jobs for WSB Course

BMC graduates develop strong analytical skills. It can help you become a consultant in the field of human resources and other management areas. You can get jobs in any business like hospitals, corporations, and any industry. The salary for working in the human resources department ranges from 3 to 10 lakh per annum.

Financial management is an excellent position for WSB graduates. It is a service function that requires supervision, regulation, interpretation, and control within the organization. It is work that exposes you to the various complexities of managing finances in an organization. The remuneration of a CFO is about 3 to 10 lakh per month.

The Director of Human Resources holds an important leadership position. The Bachelor of Science trains candidates in recruitment, staffing, communication, advising, and mentoring. This is an ideal position for BMS candidates as they have the necessary knowledge in this area. With this position, you can earn up to 5 lakh per year.

A marketing manager is an official who has a complete understanding of the marketing aspect of an organization. The director oversees and suggests ways to market the business effectively. The BMS course introduces students to the current market strategies that make the position of marketing manager an ideal job.


Everyone is looking for a successful career. If you choose to study at BMS, there are many educational and career opportunities waiting for you. The WSB is a degree that can change your lifestyle and empower you to have a bright future. This is promising training that will enable you to take on leadership roles in any organization. You can enhance your Bachelor of Business Administration by choosing MDMP and MBA courses for better career opportunities.

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