What Is PCM Subject? Career Options, Scope & Jobs

Most Indian students today mistakenly think that MBBS and engineering are only two of the best career fields. This is a traditional assumption deeply rooted in the Native American community. Today, however, things have changed, the days of a difference between the top and bottom price are coming to an end. Today, after selecting PCM elements in 11 and 12, there are many choices.

It’s simple: There are many courses to learn after the PCM. It’s not just limited to mechanical engineering. There are a large number of specialties that are as good or better than engineering. At this point, you need to choose the course that suits you best, but this is not an easy task. The possibilities are many and the facts you know may be limited. Read on to find out what courses you can take after Grade 12. The PCM should repeat it.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different courses you can take after completing the 12th standard.

1. B.Tech or BE –

There is no doubt that the number of people enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in India is relatively higher than for most other courses. There are several reasons for this trend, including the fact that undergraduate and graduate programs are diversified and that the number of colleges and universities offering undergraduate and graduate programs in India is large. Moreover, engineering is considered a very important field and the demand for engineers seems to remain unchanged. Some of the most common courses for undergraduate students include.

  1. Shipbuilding
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical industry
  4. Computer Technology
  5. Electronics and communication technology
  6. Chemical Technology
  7. Civil engineering
  8. Architectural design
  9. Aeronautical engineering

Career Opportunities.

Career opportunities in engineering are not always limited to one or two, they are diverse. One of the best things about engineering/B.Tech/BE courses is that a candidate who has completed this course can opt for a PG course or get a job in any industry. In addition to the medical field, B.Tech/BE graduates can also work in manufacturing, marketing, finance and the arts.

The scope is.

The volume of B.Tech/BE graduates is very high and constant. There was a time when engineering courses were ignored by most people. However, industrialisation and the development of technology meant that more skilled workers were needed, increasing the demand for engineers. The demand for B.Tech/BE graduates is very high today and is expected to remain so for a long time.

The jobs are…

Although Engineering/B.Tech/BE is only one course for PCM students, the credentials and job opportunities are not limited to a specific area. A graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering/BE degree could work in the following fields

  1. Processing industry
  2. Banking sector
  3. Biomedical industry
  4. Computer Industry
  5. Space industry

2. Bachelor of Science (BSc)

There was a time when undergraduate courses were considered by most people to be inferior and neglected. But today, for PCM students, the B.Sc. – is one of the best courses to study. Although not all core courses can be taken, most core courses are suitable for PCM students. Here is a list of the best undergraduate courses a PCM student can take.

  1. B.Sc. Fashion Design
  2. bachelor of agriculture
  3. Mathematics for students
  4. bachelor of chemistry
  5. Bachelor of Science in Physics
  6. B.Sc. Statistics
  7. Bachelor of Science Aviation
  8. Bachelor of Science in Geology
  9. Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science
  10. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  11. B.Sc. Animation and multimedia
  12. Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences

Career Opportunities.

After completing and passing the B.Sc. course, the candidate can pursue PG courses in the same field or get a job.

The scope is.

Those with a Bachelor of Science degree can find jobs in a variety of industries, such as. B. in food industry, research, hospitals, management, biotechnology, education, etc. In the coming years, many students who would have chosen an engineering degree will likely pursue a bachelor’s degree instead.

The jobs are…

Job titles for a Bachelor of Science degree can vary depending on the field and program. However, some of the most common and widely used job titles are the following.

  1. Advisor
  2. technical writer
  3. Teacher
  4. Laboratory technician
  5. research associate
  6. statisticians and others.

3. Bachelor of Architecture –

Although there is also an engineering degree in architecture, the B.Arch. degree differs from the B.Tech/BE degree. While most B.Tech and BE programs are 4-year programs, the B.Arch. – This is a full time course of 5 years. The B.Arch. is a curriculum designed so that the course focuses on aspects such as rural and urban planning, interior architecture, landscape architecture, building architecture, transportation planning, etc. Candidates interested in interior design may find this course very useful and interesting.

Career Opportunities.

The career opportunities for a graduate are endless. He/she can get a job in India as well as abroad.

The scope is.

Although B.Arch. training has been around for a long time in India, it is only a few years ago that it started attracting more aspirants. Nowadays there are many people in India who are taking the B.Arch course. As interest in modern building architecture and interior design increases, the demand for B.Arch. graduates may increase significantly in the future. If you have the creativity and design skills, then B.Arch. – Is the best course for you.

The jobs are…

The employment opportunities for a graduate are numerous and now extend all over the world. The following is a list of positions that can be held by higher education graduates.

  1. Architectural draftsman
  2. Assistant architect
  3. corporate lawyer
  4. Responsible for the architecture
  5. Architectural Data Analyst
  6. Project Manager
  7. Interior designer
  8. Assistant architect

4. National Defence Academy (NDA)

The National Defence Academy is a part of the Indian government and the Indian defence industry. Although various courses are offered, you can get a job in any of the defence industries in India after completing a course at this academy. Yes, that’s true, but unlike other programs and academies, not just anyone can join this academy, there is a rigorous selection process to choose the candidates and only these candidates are admitted to the academy. Some of the best and most advanced NOA courses include.

  1. B.S. Cybersecurity
  2. Bachelor of Military Sciences
  3. bachelor of computer science
  4. Bachelor of Science in Security and Intelligence
  5. Bachelor in Biotechnology
  6. bachelor of chemistry
  7. Mathematics for students

5. Diploma courses-

After the completion of the 12. PCM, the candidate must take UG courses. Nevertheless, the GU courses are completely different from the GU courses, both in terms of curriculum and duration of the course. While most GU programs for PCM students last between 3 and 5 years, diploma programs have a very short duration. There was a time when degrees were considered inferior to university programs, but they are not inferior. Diploma courses are best suited to PCM students who wish to acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge. In terms of theoretical knowledge, GU courses are the best, but in terms of practical skills and knowledge, academic courses are the best.

Here are some of the best graduate courses a PCM student can take.

  1. Diploma in Information Technology
  2. Diploma in computer science and engineering
  3. Diploma in computer engineering
  4. Diploma in software engineering
  5. Diploma in computer engineering
  6. Diploma in computer engineering
  7. degree in computer science
  8. Diploma in animation
  9. Diploma in graphic design
  10. Diploma in Mobile Application Development
  11. Medical Laboratory Technology Diploma
  12. Diploma in meat technology
  13. Diploma in physical education

Career Opportunities.

Compared to most GU programs, graduates even today usually have more job opportunities. One reason is that university graduates are considered qualified for most jobs because they have the right skills, life skills and background knowledge. In any case, the prospects for promotion of a graduate are enormous.

The scope is.

While there are several reasons for the increase in the number of people pursuing graduate education, one of the main reasons is that degree holders are generally willing to do any job, and for most businesses, these employees are essential to thrive. Also in the future the demand for university graduates will not decrease.

The jobs are…

  1. Leader of investigation team
  2. social media manager
  3. Partner for digital branding
  4. Community Manager
  5. Pipe fitter
  6. Laboratory technician
  7. Electrical designer
  8. Machine builder

The above courses are the best for any student taking grade 12. The PCM is complete. However, in addition to these main subjects, several other courses can be taken. Here is a list of courses

  1. ethical hacking
  2. business administration degree
  3. oceanography
  4. Bachelor in Product Design
  5. Bachelor in Fashion Technology

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