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What is science?

Pros and cons of science : Science has given us conveniences today that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Today we have electricity, telephone, television, internet, computers, machines for everything, robots, etc. All this has made the life of man very comfortable. Electric fans, automobiles, trams, airplanes, etc. – are among the greatest inventions and scientific discoveries that have increased human happiness.  Science has transformed this world into a global village through the inventions of the internet, the telephone and the computer. Every piece of information is just a click away.

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Benefits of science

Science has made travel easy and efficient with the invention of airplanes, high-speed trains and ships. The invention of the modern car made it possible to reduce distances. There are planes that have shorter distances. For domestic travel, there are modern and sophisticated models of buses and cars that offer a luxurious lifestyle. People use motorcycles, bicycles and taxis to get around the city. Today, not only is travel advanced, but everything has a great influence from science. Science has changed teaching methods. For example, teachers used to use blackboards and crayons, but now they use multimedia projectors.

Role of science in life

Science has played a major role in health care. Today, there are medications that are developed just for a particular person based on their physical and mental health and genetic makeup. In the past, cancer was untreated and the mortality rate was high. But today, many modern techniques have been developed to help treat deadly diseases.

Men who have lived in large cities benefit little, while they suffer many other damages. Their lives are so busy and mechanical that they don’t have time to share. His life had become artificial, devoid of charm and joy.

Shortcomings in the scientific field

On a destructive object, science has invented such destructive weapons that can destroy everything in seconds. The inventions of the laser beam, the cobalt bomb, and the megaton bomb increased the likelihood of human destruction, so that the use of these weapons would be synonymous with disaster for all humanity.

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Therefore, the use of science should be limited / flawed, i.e. use science only for good purposes. Scientists must stop the invention of catastrophic weapons, or man will destroy this world with his own hands.

Conclusion on the advantages and disadvantages of science

Use science only for good purposes. Scientists must stop the invention of catastrophic weapons, or man will destroy this world with his own hands.

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