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Pollution is a treacherous poison that destroys our environment and our lives on a daily basis. It is essentially divided into three areas: Air pollution, noise, and water pollution.

Air pollution is caused by smoke from vehicles, factories, fugitive dust, etc. Noise pollution is caused by car horns, machines, and other noise-producing objects.

Water pollution is related to the dumping of industrial waste, plastic waste, and other things in rivers and ponds.

If we want to reduce pollution, we have to plant more and more trees and make people aware of the pollution, only then we can wish for a good future.

Environmental pollution test 500 words:

The pollution has now taken on a very frightening form.

This has made life in the big cities very difficult because a new disease is born there every day.

Pollution spreads so fast that it seems to be part of our lives today.

Pollution has not only affected people’s lives but has also caused changes in the animal, plant, and soil worlds.

Types of contamination:

Pollution is divided into three major parts according to international standards, in addition, there are many types of pollution:

Air pollution: Air pollution is caused by a mixture of polluted gases from the vehicle and the air.

The main sources of air pollution are the smoke from vehicles, the smoke from factories and chimneys, dust is thrown up, the smell of decaying objects, fireworks, etc. The main sources of air pollution are the smoke from vehicles, the smoke from factories and chimneys, dust is thrown up, the smell of decaying objects, fireworks, etc.

Water pollution: Water pollution is caused by the many kinds of harmful chemicals, bacteria, etc. that are dumped in the water.

The main sources of water pollution are the discharge of polluted water from factories into rivers and ponds, the opening of drains in rivers, the discharge of plastic into the water.

Water pollution is spread by the addition of other wastes.

Noise pollution: Loud and unbearable sounds above the hearing range are classified as a noise nuisance.

The main source of noise nuisance are loudspeakers, car horns, thunderclouds, etc.

Environmental pollution test

Pollution prevention measures Breakdown:

Trees should be planted in large numbers to prevent air pollution and when felled indiscriminately, tree felling should be stopped.

The industry spreading air pollution must make use of new technologies that lead to less pollution.

To reduce water pollution, we need to pay more attention to cleanliness.

We throw waste into rivers and ponds, the factories responsible for water pollution should be closed.

Noise pollution comes mainly from humans. So if we stop honking the horn ourselves, and if we take care of the machines regularly, they will stop making noise, and the noise pollution will decrease.


The way pollution is increasing on our planet will take the form of destruction in the years to come. If strict rules to stop pollution are not put in place soon, the entire environment of our planet will be ruined and our lives will end up in a crisis situation.

If we want to reduce pollution, we must first improve ourselves and make people aware of the losses caused by pollution.

Until people in this country are aware of this, there is no way to reduce pollution.

Environmental pollution test 2000 words

Pollution is a problem all over the world, not only in India but in all countries involved in the increase of pollution.

Today almost everything in the world, alive or not, is polluted in some way.

Water, air, soil, and the whole planet have suffered from pollution. Pollution causes certain problems or new diseases to appear every day.

Pollution of the atmosphere results from gas leaks in factories increased radioactivity in nuclear power plants, toxic chemicals, and effluents from factories and factories in rivers, ponds, and oceans.

Today we only focus on our progress, but we don’t care about nature at all. Today, science has made great progress but has not yet succeeded in combating pollution.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly warned all countries of the world, but so far no radical measures have been taken to increase pollution.

If our land continues to focus on caste and reserve, when will India have time to think about the environment?

Types of contamination and side effects:

Water pollution – Pollution test:

Water pollution is a major problem these days. Nowadays all our big rivers like the Ganges, the Yamuna Chambal, etc. are littered with all kinds of garbage, plastic, and other waste.

In some places, garbage seems to flow into the river instead of water, so some people do their daily activities, wash their clothes, bathe animals near the rivers, pollute the water.

Even more worrying is the fact that toxic and chemically rich water from factories is also discharged into rivers and ponds.

According to the latest data, approximately 73 people in our country die every hour from polluted drinking water, and this number is increasing every year.

Our governments are just as actively involved in water pollution as water from gutters often ends up in rivers and oceans, polluting all the water.

This makes the water toxic, endangering the lives of the creatures in the river, and this toxic water is used for drinking, spreading various diseases.

Air pollution:

Air pollution is a concern because many cities in our country are among the ten most polluted in the world.

This allows us to estimate how quickly air pollution is increasing in our country. In our country, 12.4 lakh people die every year as a result of air pollution, and this number is increasing every year.

Air pollution is usually caused by smoke from factories and chimneys, coal smoke, smoke from houses, smoke from burnt stubble, etc.

Another major cause of air pollution is the indiscriminate felling of trees, which increases every day, and urbanization, which increases air pollution.

Asthma cancer, skin diseases caused by air pollution, eye irritation, heart disease, leading to the premature death of humans and other animals.

Our environment is also exposed to air pollution. Trees and plants are obstructed, leading to excessive air pollution.

Noise pollution – Pollution test:

Noise nuisance is caused by loudspeakers, horns, rumbling of vehicles, machine noise, aircraft noise, construction work, the thunder of clouds, and so on.

But the most important source of noise nuisance is the works of art. If a person is constantly surrounded by loud noises, he can become deaf and his mental balance will also be affected.

Nowadays loudspeakers are used everywhere, at weddings, parties, all kinds of advertising, which significantly increases noise pollution.

Children and the elderly have more problems due to noise pollution. Noise pollution also influences the daily life of animals.

Soil contamination:

The main cause of soil pollution is man’s work because man contributes to all kinds of pollution through his petty greed.

The waste from the mill is either buried in the ground or disposed of incorrectly so that the land slowly begins to desert.

Today, there is the problem of soil pollution by plastics, because toxic substances are constantly escaping from the plastic and poisoning the whole earth.

The use of urea-based fertilizers in the fields has also increased sharply, leading to soil pollution.

All this has consequences for human health because the grains and vegetables that come from this country contain toxic chemicals that deteriorate human health, causing many diseases to spread today.

Light pollution – Pollution test:

Day and night are natural events, if anything changes, it affects the whole of nature. Today, electricity is widely used as a result of advances in science.

And nowadays we use more light so that even at night it feels like daytime.

Due to increasing urbanisation, there is also a lot of light at night. That’s why wild animals have a lot of problems and their whole daily routine is disrupted. Light pollution is also bad for human health because it leads to sleep deprivation.

Radioactive contamination:

Pollution by radioactive radiation is called radioactive contamination. This contamination is invisible to the naked eye, but it is most dangerous to health.

A person who comes into contact with it, or another animal that dies within a very short time.

This pollution usually comes from the atomic bomb, the atomic energy of the waste that comes out of the house. Wherever this contagion spreads, there are no signs of life.

Thermal contamination:

Nowadays thermal pollution is increasing very rapidly because, with the growing demand of people, there are different types of installations that use water to store many different substances and other things for cooling.

As a result, the water becomes very hot and ends up directly in the rivers, causing the temperature of the water to suddenly change. This leads to the death of living organisms in rivers.

Anti-pollution accounting measures:

For tree plantations:

If we want to save our country from pollution, we have to plant more and more trees, and those who indiscriminately cut down trees must be severely punished. Taxis absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. If there are no trees, we have no oxygen and our lives are over. Promise me you’ll plant at least one tree on your birthday today.

Plastic Stop – contamination test:

Because plastic is just as much a part of our lives nowadays as water and air, plastic is used in everything. For thousands of years, toxic substances have been extracted from plastics, which pollute the water, the air, and the entire environment.

We have to stop using plastic, the government also forbids it, but the use of plastic will continue until we know.

Assistance to vehicles:

With the increase in the number of vehicles, the demand for fuel has also become very high and air pollution is increasing accordingly. Today everyone drives their own car, which makes the problem of air pollution even worse.

If we use public transport and drive to the same office, carpooling saves fuel and reduces air pollution.

Correct use of energy:

We need to use the power properly. The different types of engines we see are very harmful to the environment and the waste emitted is toxic.

Flow treatment – contamination Diagram:

We all have to work together to clean rivers, ponds, and oceans because there we find water to drink and other animals also depend on water.

If the water begins to become toxic, a number of diseases will spread, which can also take the form of an epidemic. So we can’t throw garbage into rivers and ponds.

Focus on vehicle/machine maintenance:

The maintenance of vehicles and machines is very important because if they are not maintained, they cause a lot of noise and air pollution.

To save a few rupees, we pollute the environment, it’s very important, so vehicles and machines must always be maintained.

Reduction in the use of urea-based fertilizers:

Urea fertilizer is used by farmers to increase the yield of their fields, which increases the yield but makes the land infertile. At the same time, many kinds of toxins are added, which end up directly in our bodies and deteriorate our health, so farmers have to reduce the use of urea fertilizers and use natural fertilizers.

Establishment of strict rules:

The Indian government has passed several laws to reduce pollution, but non-compliance with these laws increases pollution. We must therefore ensure that the laws adopted to prevent pollution are properly communicated.

The Indian government should adopt stricter laws against pollution, because if nature does not exist, what is the use of life, it is therefore very important to protect the environment.

Dissemination of information on pollution:

We all have to work together to get the message about pollution from every citizen to the highest decision-making body.

We need to convince people that if we continue to spread this kind of pollution, the lives of the next generation will be at risk. Moreover, pollution destroys our entire environment.

So we have to go from city to city and educate people about pollution through small plays and other methods, only then the pollution can be stopped.




The government has taken many steps to tackle the problem of pollution in our country. Our government has established a Pollution Institute in Madhya Pradesh that will provide the government with information on pollution on an annual basis.

Strict measures are taken against any person or institution responsible for the increased pollution.

Sewage treatment plants are also being built in small towns. There are also promotions every year.

If we all work together to prevent pollution, the day is not far away when the balance in the environment will be restored and the lives of other living beings and human life will also be safe.

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