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The world has become a global village where people are linked with each other through technology. This has led to the rapid growth of cities, which have grown in size and population at an exponential rate. As a result, there is now more pollution than ever before.

The clean city green city project pdf is an essay on the importance of a clean and green city for students in easy words.



The term “green” refers to the planting of trees in urban areas. Trees are the ones that add to the city’s beauty while also providing many environmental advantages.

Trees are the only thing that directly links a human being to nature, since no one has time to engage with nature in contemporary civilization. Because the color green is associated with serenity and coolness, it aids the human brain in regaining its equilibrium.


Planting as many trees as possible offers many advantages, including improving the environment, reducing pollution, lowering energy costs, improving the attractiveness of the neighborhood, and increasing the value of the land.

For example, if we want to view our home area, if it is surrounded by greenery, the rate value of the hose will automatically be higher than those who are not.

The Environmental Advantage

Essay-On-Green-City-Clean-City-For-Students-In-EasyTrees have the capacity to cool the environment by blocking the sun’s rays. It also lowers the temperature because sunlight is captured by the leaves during the photosynthetic process.

The heat emitted by a single tree provides natural cooling, which is capable of erasing the imprints of artificial or man-made coolers.

Noise pollution is also reduced by trees. They are capable of reducing noise by approximately 40%. Trees have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals that cause global warming.


Benefits to the Community

Essay-On-Green-City-Clean-City-For-Students-In-EasyThe beauty of civilization is enhanced by trees. The soil is taken up by the trees. Trees may help provide humidity in the air, as well as prevent soil erosion during floods or heavy rain.

Problem in the City

1625961938_687_Speech-On-Urbanization-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadBecause the city is growing at a breakneck pace, the issue is growing at a breakneck pace as well. The majority of people have now relocated from rural areas to urban areas. As the population grows, the public will be unable to deal with issues such as water shortages, sanitation, trash dumping, and a variety of other issues.

The illness rate of humans is increasing as a result of a severe environmental problem. Many leaders and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) quickly recognized the problem and took steps to address it.

Initiative by the government

1625967716_913_Essay-On-Green-City-Clean-City-For-Students-In-EasyThe government has sent out a message encouraging schoolchildren and college students to plant trees. People of all ages, including the elderly, enthusiastically engage in tree planting.

It is easy to realize that human beings are to blame for the deterioration of the environment, and that this problem can only be addressed by humans and not by others.


Indeed, it is true that a clean city is one that is green. To preserve the ecology and ecosystem, each person should plant one tree.

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The why should we keep our city clean essay is a great piece of writing that discusses the importance of keeping our cities clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is green city clean city?

Green City Clean City is a campaign that has been run by the city of London, England. The campaign encourages people to clean up their litter and trash in order to reduce pollution in the air.

How can we keep our city clean essay?

To keep our city clean, we need to get rid of all the trash and litter. We also need to be sure that there is enough space for people to walk, bike, and drive without having to worry about hitting anything.

What makes a city green?


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