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India is a country that celebrates festivals throughout the year. It is said that there are more than 2,000 different types of festivals in India. One such festival is called the Festival of India. The Festival of India was celebrated on the first day of Diwali, which falls on November 11th every year.

The our festivals essay in english is a short essay on the festival of India. It is written for kids and students.


A festival is an occasion when individuals or groups of people get together to celebrate their religion or culture. Every religion has its own set of celebrations.

All of the families get together and participate in the event as a group. A festival is a celebration of people’s pleasure and happiness. There are many different kinds of festivals held all around the globe. Every nation has its own holiday, and the way they celebrate it differs from country to country.


There are many different kinds of festivals, including religious festivals, harvest festivals, music festivals, arts festivals, and many more, all of which are held to commemorate individuals.

India’s Festivals


India is a cosmopolitan nation, and numerous festivals are celebrated with tremendous pleasure and happiness in India. In India, there are a total of 29 states, and each state has its own festival that is celebrated with joy by the people.

Because India is a secular nation, there are numerous celebrations. People attend every festival, regardless of whether it is a religious holiday or not, and they generally do so in groups. The Indian government provides vacations to commemorate the occasion.

Apart from religious festivals, there are also festivals celebrated in India, such as the Music Festival and the Art Festival. In the Music Festival, all of the musical stars come together and sing music, and many awards are given to the musical appreciation of the people, and in the Arts Festival, many people come together and show their arts to the people, and people appreciate it.

Many religious holidays are observed, such as Diwali, Holi, and many other Hindu festivals, while Muslims celebrate Eid, Ramzan, and other Muslim festivals. Christians celebrated Christmas as the start of the new year.


Many faiths have distinct new year dates, such as Maharashtrians having Gudi Padwa as their new year, and many other religions having different new year dates. People who follow Sikhism and Jainism celebrate the new year on various days.

Every faith rejoices and rejoices with the arrival of the new year. Many religious people celebrate their festivals, however the majority of the people of India, as well as those who participate in various religion festivals, commemorate this holiday with tremendous pleasure and happiness.

These Festivals Are Being Honored


All people participate in the celebration of various religious holidays, including Muslims who participate in the Hindu religious festival and Hindus who participate in the Muslim Eid and Ramzan festivals. All people also celebrate the Christian new year as their new year.

Diwali and Holi, two Hindu religious holidays, are celebrated by burning crackers and lighting diyas around the house, while Holi is celebrated by many people playing with colors. People of various faiths participate in this Hindu religious celebration. In the Islamic religion, Muslims observe Eid and Ramzan by fasting for a number of days, and on the final day of their fast, people of all faiths join them.

So, when individuals of all religions engage in pleasure, it demonstrates equality among Indians since people are constantly in oneness with one another, which is a wonderful thing for a nation like India.

The Sikh faith celebrates Baisakhi as the harvesting of the crop; these people celebrate the holiday at Gurdwaras, and many other religions also take part in it.

Every faith celebrates the Christian New Year as their own, and they all rejoice and greet the New Year with pleasure and gladness.

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The festival essay in english 200 words is an essay about the festival of India. It is a great read for kids and students alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you explain festivals to children in India?

Festivals are celebrations of a special time where people get together to celebrate the season, their culture, and family. They usually happen during the summer months when it is warm outside.

How do you explain festivals to children?

Festivals are celebrations where people come together to celebrate a special time of the year. They are usually held in different places around the world.

Why do we celebrate festival write five lines?

There are many reasons to celebrate a festival. One of them is the fact that its time for a celebration, and festivals are fun!

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