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Essay on badminton for class 4 students in easy words. Read this article to know more about the game of badminton and its basic rules. The goal is to hit a shuttlecock with your racket over a net into the opponent’s court, attempting to keep it there as long as possible without “seriously injuring” yourself or your opponent else you lose that point.

“Badminton is my favourite game. I like playing it because I am good at it and I like the sport.” My essay on badminton for class 4 students in easy words will help you to know more about this game. Read more in detail here: essay on my favourite game badminton 100 words.


Badminton is an indoor game played against a wall. This is done because the shuttlecock used in this game is extremely light, and the speed of the air may influence it, as well as the professional players. It is always played inside the confines of the wall by the player. This is a game that we play everywhere.

I’m looking for a large open space to play in.

Essay-On-Badminton-For-Class-4-Students-In-Easy-WordsBadminton is a lot of fun to play, and it helps to keep blood flowing correctly in the body, which prevents heart disease. To play badminton, you’ll need an in-field field, at least two players, and two rackets and one shuttlecock. This game may also be played by four people.

Instructions for Playing

1625965682_973_Essay-On-National-Sports-Day-For-Students-8211-Read-HereA net is placed in the middle to create an equal playing field for the players on both sides. As a result, every time the shuttlecock lands on the ground, it is considered a victory. Badminton is my favorite sport since it allows me to spend time with my friends and family while also avoiding injury.

Rule of thumb:

1625969780_162_Essay-On-Badminton-For-Class-4-Students-In-Easy-Words“Drive” and “Flick” are two services in this game in which the player with the most points wins. Because the rules of this game are so easy, everyone enjoys playing it. Every year, professional athletes compete in sports competitions in our country, which are held at many levels, including school, district, state, and national.

The victorious player or team receives a medal and is regarded with admiration. Badminton games are getting more popular in our country as the sport gains worldwide recognition. P.V. Sandhu won the Silver Medal in the women’s division for the first time at the 2016 Summer Olympics. It gives us tremendous joy that our country’s females are also participating in international badminton tournaments.

Fits And Finesses The Player

My body gets fitter after playing badminton, and I am able to study with more focus. I believe that everyone should play this game since it promotes mental wellness as well. Badminton is a little pricey to play, but when you consider the advantages, it’s a bargain. Accessories for badminton may also be obtained in cities and villages. Like cricket, badminton games now have youngsters playing in the streets and in the neighborhood.

It may also be played in a small space.


Another reason for the game’s popularity in India is that, as India’s population grows, cities are running out of room. While cricket requires a lot of area, badminton can be played in a small space.


Many individuals are becoming interested in badminton these days. Girls, as well as males, demonstrate their respect and attitude for the game. P.V. Sindhu, a famous player, is a motivation for the future player.

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my favourite game essay 200 words” is a short essay on what my favourite game is. It is written in easy words for class 4 students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a badminton essay?

A: It is not necessary to write an essay for this activity. If you are looking to provide more detail about your experience with badminton, then feel free to do so in the comment section of this post

What is badminton in simple words?

A: Badminton is a racquet sport played on courts. The game originated in England in the early 19th century and it involves hitting a small ball with an enclosed racket over a net, much like lawn tennis but unlike most racquet sports.

What can I write about badminton?

A: Badminton is a sport played by two or four players with rackets, each trying to strike a shuttlecock past the others hit area. It was invented in 1873 by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield of England.

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