Top GNM Colleges in Kasaragod 2020: Admission, Details & More

Got the 12. Did you pass the course? Would you like to continue the GNM course after group 12? Looking for the list of the best GNM colleges in Kasaragod, Kerala? If so, this position will be useful to you. I’ve compiled a list of the best GNM nursing schools in Kasaragod.

GNM stands for General Nursing and Midwifery. This is a nurse’s training. Students who have completed the twelfth academic year. in the natural sciences with relevant subjects (group Biology) have the right to continue their studies in this field.

Every year, a large number of applicants apply for admission to the GNM in Kerala. This position will help these candidates. The information given here will help them choose a good GNM College.

A good NGN College has to perform well in areas such as the quality of the infrastructure, the expertise of the professors, the facilities, the laboratories, the equipment, etc. In addition, the school must be registered and accredited with the appropriate department of the Nursing Council!

The institutes mentioned in this document work and do good work in the areas mentioned above. I have given the following details here – names of the best GNM colleges in Kasaragod, details of the GNM program, and the admissions procedure.

Let’s take a look at the list of settings. That’s all I’m saying.

Best GNM colleges in Kasaragod 2020

  1. Government Nursing School, Kangangad, Kasaragod
  2. Carwell School of Nursing, Kasaragod
  3. School of Nursing, Kasaragod Institute of Health Sciences, Kasaragod
  4. Priyadarshini Nursing School, Kangangad, Kasaragod
  5. Nursing School of the EC Nayanar Memorial Cooperative, Kasaragod
  6. Fathima Nursing School, Araman Hospital and Medical Institute, Kasaragod
  7. Malik Dinar Nursing School, Talangara, Kasaragod
  8. Mansoor Nursing Hospital, Kangangad, Kasaragod

The list includes public and private NGN facilities. And the list wasn’t right. Readers can browse through the whole list and choose a good institute. Would you like to know more about the approval process? If that’s the case, that’s all you need to know –

Transaction received

The admission procedure may vary from one institution to another. Good institutions conduct an admission procedure based on merit. In the case of recruitment on the basis of merit, seats shall be allocated to deserving candidates on the basis of their grades on the merit list. The list of merits shall be drawn up on the basis of the marks obtained by candidates in the tests and/or the corresponding selection tests.

However, the admission procedure may vary from one institution to another. If the institute has too many vacancies, it can proceed to direct admission. Some places are reserved in the administrative and square clearance!

GNM Course: Analysis

  • Please fill in the form: General nursing and obstetrics
  • Format: Diploma
  • Zone: Nurses and midwives
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Suitability: Preference is given to candidates who have obtained degree 12 in physics, chemistry, and biology.

What comes after GNM?

Upon completion of the GNM, interested candidates may obtain a bachelor’s degree. Maintenance program. Post Basic Bachelor’s Degree The Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing program takes 2 years. This way the candidate can obtain a nursing license! This opens new possibilities for the candidate!

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