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The iPad is a powerful tool for education, but it can be difficult to find the right apps that work well with your school’s curriculum. Here are three great apps that will help you record and share tutorials more easily.

The best screen recorder for ipad with audio is a great tool for recording tutorials and screen sharing. This app is available on the iOS App Store.

Tuesday, February 21, 2014 The iPad is a very flexible gadget that may be used in our classrooms for a variety of educational reasons. Turning it into a whiteboard canvas for recording and creating lessons and step-by-step instructions to share with your students is one of the greatest applications. There are a number of applications available for this purpose; here is a list of several I’ve already evaluated; however, today I’m adding three more titles to the mix:

1- Make an air sketch


 Since my previous review of Air Sketch a few weeks ago, the developers have contacted me to let me know about a new version they’ve published. Air Sketch is ideal for boardroom, school, and on-the-go presentations. Simply access the given URL in any HTML-5 compliant browser on the local network while using Air Sketch on the iPad. In the browser, your pictures and sketches are shown natively. There is no need to install proprietary client software or pay for services.

Air Sketch also has the following features:

  • Transform your iPad into a wireless whiteboard in seconds! 
  • Documents and pictures in PDF format may be annotated. live
  • From your iPad, you may project PDF documents (such as exported PowerPoint or Keynote decks) to a computer on the same local network, then annotate them in real time.
  • Sketching in real time on your browser: Strokes appear as you draw, depending on network rates.
  • You may use any desktop recording program, like as QuickTime’s Screen Recording function, to capture them.
  • Alternatively, any desktop sharing software, such as iChat, may be used to share your drawings with distant coworkers.
  • Pencil, pen, marker, brush, and highlighter are the five drawing instruments.
  • A color pallet that is completely configurable (tap on the selected color to edit it).
  • Zoom and pan fluidly using two fingers to fine-tune your drawings.
  • Using the camera tool, you can quickly save and recover snapshots of your drawings.

2- Vittle


Another excellent iPad software is Vittle, which allows you to quickly narrate and annotate your pictures and PDF slide presentations to make extremely interesting movies. Vittle’s users may also take use of the following features:

  • Use our unique Inkflow Engine’s ultra-smooth ink to annotate and draw.
  • Anything on the website may be resized and moved around.
  • To concentrate on important details, zoom in.
  • Navigate even the most difficult subjects visually.


For Visual Thinking, Inkflow functions similarly to a Word Processor. Capture your thoughts as simply as if you were using a pen and paper, then rearrange them with your fingertips! Brainstorming, planning and scheduling, graphic design and layout, drawing and doodling, notes, sketch notes, and mindmapping are all great uses for inkflow.

Inkflow allows you to place text boxes and images wherever on the page and resize them with ease. There’s also a variety of paper backdrops to pick from. You can also convert your books to PDF or high-resolution JPEG and share them through Twitter, email, or other apps using Inkflow.

Screen recording is a great way to show your tutorials and share them with others. There are three apps that you can use to record screencasts on the iPad. Reference: how to screen record with sound on iphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good screen recording apps for iPad?

I recommend using the app called Screenflow. It is a great screen recording app for iPad.

Can you screen share and record on iPad?

Yes, you can screen share and record on iPad.

Does iPad 3 have screen recording?

Yes, iPad 3 has a screen recording feature.

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