The best guide on how to write persuasive essays on crimes

The structure of a convincing felony trial is generally similar to that of any other convincing felony trial. When you write a persuasive essay, your goal is to convince the reader that you have taken the right position. Fortunately for you, a persuasive essay offers more creative opportunities than a controversial one. Unlike the latter, you are not limited to using facts. You can be creative in arguing with the reader and use your own opinion or experience. Nevertheless, as with other essays, it takes a plan to write a persuasive essay.

The first and most important step in planning is choosing a theme. Even if you have to write about a crime more than once during your education, chances are you won’t be given a topic and will have to find one yourself. Always remember that the choice of topic can determine the success or failure of your essay, so be very enthusiastic.

You should be interested in the topic and have enough sources to research it.

Below is a list of topics that make good persuasive essays on crime;

In this section, you must convince the reader of the impact of nationality status on participation in criminal activity.

Related to the previous topic, the question here is whether certain races are more prone to crime.

  • Link between poverty and crime

To write about this topic, you must agree or disagree that poverty is a precursor to crime, and convince the reader that it is.

  • The mentally ill and the criminal justice system

A review of current laws governing the sentencing of the mentally ill and their defense or rejection, with recommendations for their improvement.

  • Alcohol, drug abuse and crime

Since a large number of crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, this topic requires you to advise and convince the reader of the need for certain initiatives to reduce alcohol-related crime.

The above topics are just a few of the many topics you can choose for your persuasive essay. Once you have chosen a topic, you are ready to write your essay.

5 simple steps to writing compelling essays on crime

Write an introduction that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. The reader should want to know what you stand for from the start. How do you make your introduction interesting? There are two ways to do this:

  • Always start with a strong story It can be as short as a few words or a few sentences, but it should make your reader want to read on.
  • A clear presentation of the thesis. This statement should be in the very first paragraph, where you inform the reader of your position and why you think it is correct.

After you have presented the arguments in your essay, structure the paragraphs of your essay around the number of reasons why you support your position. The exact number of paragraphs of text depends on your topic. Each paragraph should begin with a reason, followed by several reasons.

With sufficient substantiation, you can convince the reader and come to the conclusion of your thesis. Briefly point out the importance of your topic to the reader, explain why it is important to them, and conclude with a call to action. Now that the reader is convinced, the call to action urges them to take action to support your position.

Now that you’ve figured out what you need to write an engaging essay, go ahead and write about one of the recommended crime topics.


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