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Google Sites is a free and easy-to-use website creator that allows teachers to create and share interactive documents with students. Teachers can use the site to share assignments, quizzes, presentations, and more.

The new google sites – teacher examples is a guide for teachers on how to use Google Sites in the classroom.

Google Sites is a fantastic website-building tool. Google Sites combines all of Google’s other excellent services by allowing users to integrate Google Docs, Calendar, YouTube, Picasa albums, and much more. In this article, we’ll look at several various methods and suggestions for maximizing this tool’s instructional potential, as well as some practical ideas for using it with your kids in the classroom. What are the benefits of using Google Sites in the classroom?

The following are some compelling reasons to consider utilizing Google Sites with your students:

  • The Google site is completely free.
  • It’s extremely user-friendly, with a simple and student-friendly UI.
  • Anyone above the age of 13 is welcome to participate and contribute material ( provided you give them access )
  • Without sophisticated technological expertise, a site for a class may be built in a matter of minutes utilizing templates for various pages.
  • You may also manage who has access to the pages and who can contribute content with Google Site.
  • It has the potential to enhance pupils’ digital literacy abilities. 
  • It has the potential to transform your classroom into a collaborative learning environment.

Types of pages in Google Sites As a potential Google Sites user, you should familiarize yourself with the following terminology:

  • Dashboard: A two-column website with four placeholder gadgets that guides users through the process of generating an information summary or embedding gadgets.
  • This is a simple and basic website where users may add information or integrate gadgets.
  • Users may upload and exchange files in the File Cabinet. It enables you to create folders.
  • This area allows you to post recent announcements to your page.
  • You may use this to build to-do lists or assignment lists.

Teachers Can Use Google Sites in the Classroom Here are some pointers to get you started with Google Sites in the classroom:

  • Create a class website with course materials and rich content, such as videos, pictures, presentations, and audio recordings.
  • It’s a great place to put homework, assignments, and class activities.
  • It may also be used as a discussion board where all students can participate.
  • Make a page for announcements, class activities, reading materials, and classroom regulations, among other things.
  • Allow your students to collaborate on projects and modify material using it as a wiki.
  • Upload papers, PDFs, and other resources to the File Cabinet page to share with your students.
  • You may also create a private page where you can share curricular materials with parents.
  • Embed a calendar or a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of your deadlines and studies. 

Students May Use Google Sites in a Variety of Ways Here are some examples of ways students can use Google Sites:

  • It may be used to build digital portfolios that showcase their work and accomplishments.
  • Make and keep track of to-do lists for their homework and school activities.
  • Participate in group projects.
  • They may utilize it to showcase their study results on a certain topic. They may add documents they’ve written, movies, and links, among other things.
  • Students may utilize it to assist with course materials and contribute to knowledge development in the classroom.

Video Instructions Here are some video instructions on how to create a Google Site for your class and how to utilize it.

1- Creating a Classroom Website using Google Site


2- How to Make a Class Schedule


3- A Google Sites Webinar for Your Classroom


Schools and instructors have created some fantastic Google Sites.

1- A Political Science Study for the Digital Generation


This site contains resources and activities to assist your kids in participating in and learning about American political elections using Google’s online technologies. 2- History of the World


This is an example of how a history teacher utilizes a Google Site with his students. The syllabus, unit plans, assignments, and announcements are all included. 3- Google has vanished.


A website that contains a collection of Google-based lesson ideas. Art, LA, Science, SS, and Multi-discipline lesson plans. 4- Learning Circles on the Internet


This webpage is dedicated to assisting others in comprehending what online learning circles have in common in each of these situations. 5- Using Google Sites to Create an Interactive Portfolio


Webliography : Using samples from Colette’s Google Sites portfolio created by Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D

The google sites resources are an excellent way to use the internet in the classroom. Google Sites is a free website creation tool that allows teachers to easily create websites for their class.

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