Slangs in English | 91 Slang Words with Meaning & Sentences

Slogans in English are words used in certain senses, not in their original meaning. They are used in many specific situations. These words are not considered part of the English language of quality.

  1. Airhead.
    • I’m sorry you act like an idiot sometimes.
  2. Amigo. (The friend is Spanish)
    • I met a lot of amigos at the farewell party.
  3. armpit (dirty, unattractive)
    • This cheap hotel is a real horror!
  4. Asshole (unworthy and hateful person)
    • I can’t be friends with you if you’re acting like a jerk.
  5. Astonishing (beautiful and impressive)
    • The services you offer in this facility are really great.
  6. Bach (very powerful piece)
    • Disneyland is great!
  7. Vomiting
    • My dog threw up all over the carpet.
  8. Bazillion (an infinite amount of something)
    • In fact, I’ve taught a billion students in the last five years.
  9. Beans (silver)
    • I’ve been in this business for three years and I still don’t have a bean.
  10. Bumper (tired).
    • I’m really tired because I’ve been up all night.
  11. Large (something important)
    • I was hoping to do my homework, but it’s so big.
  12. Biker (Motorcyclist)
    • He was a motorcyclist until he had a serious motorcycle accident.
  13. Bod (Body)
  14. It’s crazy.
    • If you work too hard, sometimes you go crazy!
  15. Bubu (wrong).
    • I made a mistake solving the questions.
  16. boob tube (TV)
    • He’s still in front of the tube with his boobs.
  17. Bullshit. (Lies, dishonesty)
    • I don’t like people who cheat on me.
  18. Displaced (very tired)
  19. Catch rays (shine)
    • Let’s go to the beach and catch some rays.
  20. Cheesy (cheap, outdated)
    • Why are you wearing such shabby clothes?
  21. Chickens
  22. Cool. (awesome, awesome)
    • My website is great!
  23. Cooler (prison)
    • If you drink and drive, you’ll end up in the fridge.
  24. Benchwarmer (someone who watches too much TV)
    • Why did I have to marry a man like that?
  25. Shit! (useless thing)
    • My furniture is cheap junk.
  26. Dirt (a very bad person)
    • It was dirty, so I stopped looking at it.
  27. Filthy (obscene, pornographic)
    • Stop looking at the pictures in that disgusting magazine!
  28. Dynamite! (powerful, excellent)
    • His performance was really dynamic.
  29. Evil (big)
  30. Eyeball (for staring long and hard at someone)
    • Before the game began, he looked his opponent in the eye.
  31. Fabulous (Incredible)
    • This new hotel is really great.
  32. Farting (to expel intestinal gases)
    • It’s embarrassing to fart on the first date.
  33. Flashback
    • Sometimes I think back to my time in Paris.
  34. Movie (film)
    • Let’s go out tonight and watch a movie.
  35. Fox. (attractive man)
    • I love her, she’s a real shrew.
  36. Free (something that doesn’t cost money).
    • My trip to New York was free.
  37. Geek (someone who works too much, is smarter than usual, and is not very attractive).
    • Bill Gates is kind of a nerd.
  38. Get it (to understand something)
    • I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.
  39. Failure
    • There must be some kind of bug in this software.
  40. The bananas are leaving.
    • My kids will probably make me go bananas!
  41. Homer. (stupid man)
    • Don’t act like a home run.
  42. Fool (stupid and idiotic person)
  43. Go fuck yourself.
    • Stop messing around and help me clean the house!
  44. Pliers (hands)
    • Did you wash your plug, Sonny?
  45. The food.
  46. Guts (intestines)
    • I had the courage to ask his boss for a raise.
  47. Hairy (complicated)
    • The road was steep and windy and very hairy.
  48. Head (toilet)
    • I really need the head!
  49. Hep or hip (helpful, informed).
    • She’s a very gifted student.
  50. Hyper (too excited)
    • Children often get high blood pressure when they are tired.
  51. Icky.
    • The food in this cafeteria is very cold.
  52. Persevere (waste of time)
    • Stop jerking off, please.
  53. Jerk (stupid or boring person)
    • How can you date an asshole like Janir?
  54. One million (considerable amount)
    • Do you really have a million problems?
  55. Lean back (relax and enjoy)
    • I wish I could go back to the lake today.
  56. Creation (death)
    • My dog is finally gone.
  57. Killer (something extraordinary or big)
    • Wow, your girlfriend’s a real killer!
  58. Striking (conviction)
    • Don’t judge it until you’ve tried it.
  59. Laidback (relaxed, calm)
    • I always feel good on the beach.
  60. Blade (incompetent)
    • Some students are lame but claim to be scholarship students.
  61. Love handles (extra fat around the waist)
    • Our agents must not lose their grip.
  62. Making waves (causing trouble)
    • Teachers don’t like it when students get into mischief.
  63. Maximum (highest value)
  64. Yellow (relaxed)
    • I feel very calm tonight.
  65. Mickey Mouse (whatever, he’s wasting his time)
    • I’m sick of this Mickey Mouse stuff.
  66. Nuke. (destroy, erase)
    • I’m sorry, but I accidentally blew up your email.
  67. Walnut (someone is passionate about something)
    • I’m obsessed with computers.
  68. Path.
    • Can I stay at your place?
  69. Peanuts (very little money)
    • I love my job, but the pay is a peanut.
  70. Urine (for urinating)
  71. Professional (someone who is professionally good at something)
    • She really is a golf pro.
  72. cunt (face)
    • His friend punched him in the pussy.
  73. Fast and dirty (does fast, but not very well)
    • The mechanic fixed my car quickly and messily.
  74. Rat (despicable human being)
    • I thought I loved you, but now I know you’re really a rat.
  75. Razz! (Making someone angry)
    • Will you stop bothering me?
  76. Tearing (stealing)
    • Someone stole my car.
  77. Nonsense.
    • That rumor is a load of crap.
  78. Back rat (baby)
    • Jimmy has a couple of rug rats at home.
  79. Currents (diarrhea)
    • Oh, no! I’m on the run!
  80. Error (of being wrong).
    • I failed my driver’s test, so I failed.
  81. Taking a nap (cheating)
    • I was put to sleep by his chattering tongue.
  82. Couchspawn. (man looks)
    • He’s usually a benchwarmer on Sundays.
  83. Suck it up! (bad and unacceptable)
  84. Traffic lights (numerous, innumerable)
    • I asked you 15 times to show me the money!
  85. nervous (nervous, anxious)
  86. Vanilla (smooth)
    • She drives a vanilla car.
  87. White bread (simple, boring)
    • That movie I saw last night was really white bread.
  88. Whiz (Someone who shows a special talent for something)
    • Einstein was a prodigy in physics.
  89. Pussy.
  90. Yank (fear, discomfort)
  91. Zith (pimples, acne)
    • Teenagers often suffer from acne.

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