Saving Money – Need and Importance : Essay, Speech, Article

Saving Money – Necessity and Importance Essay, speech, article

The 500 and 1000 notes made me realize the value of money
– The child of today.

Value of savings

The importance of saving: Money is a very precious thing and necessary for survival. It’s not just a piece of paper, it’s a specific value, a value that everyone needs to understand. By definition, money is a measure of value, a medium of exchange and a means of payment consisting of banknotes, coins and paperless payment systems such as chip cards. It’s not just a class of people, it’s everyone, whether they’re from the lower class or rich. There are so many things in money that you can’t even imagine. He has the power, the ability to create jealousy, manipulation, greed and all the rest.

Saving Money – Necessity and Importance

Savings bond

Money is by far the most necessary thing to have after the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing have been met. For the middle class it is a basic condition to achieve their goals and for the upper class it is a luxury condition to meet their demands. You should also think about saving for future crises, business problems, travel, all kinds of emergencies, the realization of a long-held dream, or whatever. Money is a valuable asset, even if its value is subjective, but you still need it at every step, and you need to prioritize and understand how important saving is to your future security.

Importance of savings

If you spend money, you can forget about your limits, but you need to plan and be rational before you settle for spending your money on something that is pretty much junk. It’s for the generation that exists now. We bicker and pretend to understand what needs to be done, but we don’t. The day we start making money, we might be good savers. As they say, you don’t understand things until you face the truth. Also parents are very comfortable, but depending on them doesn’t happen, so we have to convey the feeling and start saving.

It can be hard to save money, but you can always have other plans, like B. for someone who can’t keep cash on hand for very long and then buy a piggy bank or open an individual account. You can give it to your parents or just assume that you have good self-control, and then start saving ten percent of your expenses each month. So this is how you manage your finances.

The old school generation or someone who is not a child of the 90s, so they are very aware of the importance of redemption, and that’s a bonus. They had a grandfather or grandmother who provided the best technique for this. But we, like everyone else, are not of a certain age; those who cannot be saved must work from below. We need to start setting prices, comparing them, not lagging behind the brands, taking advantage of discounts and clearance sales, using coupons, not spending on junk food and, last but not least, trying to negotiate, even if we fail a few times; we will surely master this art.

That is why it is important to save, because a crisis is never accompanied by fear. There are many people who think we only have one life, so why think twice about it, but money is not. You should always think twice before spending it. It is not a matter of limiting oneself to salvation, but of giving priority to one’s needs. The money you save may one day prove to be vital, and you will be grateful for it. Commitment can help, but caution is more helpful.

Save your money, it could save your life!

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