PCM, PCB, or PCMB – Which Subject to Choose in Class 11?

After completing class 10. In the second year, Indian students have to make an initial decision about their future. Namely, choosing the pathway that will not only help them learn the basics of career-oriented graduate courses, but also the basics of the industries they want to work in for the rest of their lives.

In India, students are required to study after the 10th standard. Classes can choose from three main directions. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, known as PCM; Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB); and the last one, PCBM, which stands for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

In this article, we will tell you about all these streams, their advantages and disadvantages, future aspects and many other issues that students and their parents usually worry about. If you are also at that stage of the learning process where you need to make a decision, we recommend that you read through the article and get a good overview of the areas. This will help you make the best choice and decide which of these paths will be most beneficial for your future.

PCM:  Flows for engineers and mathematicians

Let’s first talk about the most popular and chosen stream for Indian students from different states – PCM. PCM is honestly one of the most talked about and promising streams for students, because once you pass your 12th in this stream, you are eligible for a variety of courses in India and abroad. The well-chosen subjects, core subjects that lay a foundation for future engineers and mathematicians are some of the things that make PCM a great field of study for Indian students.

No matter which board you belong to, PCM has some of the best students who are ready to work as engineers or management professionals in the future. The course sequence prepares students in the same way, and by the time you graduate, you have a clear idea of what you want to be and how to proceed with the right course choices for graduation and beyond.

Let’s talk a little more about PCM so you can decide if this is the right field for you or not.

The criteria for compliance with the PCM are highly dependent on the specific map. In general, students who score over 60% in Grade 10 are most likely to graduate. and over 65% in math and science are eligible for admission to the PCM track. This minimum percentage varies from school to school and board to board, but these are basically the criteria you need to prepare for in order to pass the MPNP at a good school.

  • Courses to choose after grade 12.

As mentioned above, PCM offers the largest selection of extracurriculars.  After completing Grade 12 with a PCM and good grades, you can choose a more popular course such as engineering (BE, BTech) or management (BBA), or a more traditional course such as computer applications (BCA) and science (BSc). There are many other options you can choose from. In other words, if you’re not sure what career you want to choose after college, PCM might be a good choice. Since PCM offers the best course options. It can be seen as the basis for many of the courses that underlie computer science and engineering. So choose PCM if you are in love with engineering and maths or if you are looking for a broader future perspective.

After the completion of the 12. In 5th grade, there are several skills that the university looks for in a student in order to enroll him or her in a private school. If you are coming from a PCM stream, there are a few important things you should have known beforehand. This can be considered basic knowledge. The course you are enrolling in will allow you to expand that knowledge and take it to the next level.

These skills

  • Basic permutation combination
  • Differential and integral
  • Computer skills
  • Good communication skills

After the completion of the 12. After a year of PCM and enrollment in a good graduate/group program, students can gain a professional profile as an engineer, manager, analyst, technician and more. And there are many companies, both private and public, that hire these professionals. After the PCM, you can be sure that you will have a great career.

CIRCUIT BOARD : Excellent flow for doctors

Now let’s talk about the second most popular choice among students. The CCP is essentially a program of study for future physicians and health professionals. The stream is useful if you want to work as a doctor or specialist in various fields of medicine. After you graduate, you can practice medicine and make a lot of money.

There are many courses that you can choose after school in the PCB stream, you can choose MBBS, dentist, nutritionist, health specialist, trainer and many other fields. In short, if you are interested in biology and the human body, PSB is the ideal course for you.

Talk about convenience: Most Indian boards admit students to the PCB stream if they score 60% in science subjects. In general : If you are in 10th grade and have passed 55%, you are eligible to take a PCB course. So, if you meet these criteria, you can easily apply for a PCB in a reputed school in the city.

  • Courses to choose after grade 12.

Like PCM, PCB offers excellent career-oriented courses to choose from after the final year.  . You can specialize to gain more knowledge in your area of interest and choose to work as a doctor or specialist. You can choose from courses like BDS, MBBS, dietetics and many others. Overall, the PCB offers an excellent selection of courses in human biology and anatomy. If you are interested in this area, the CCP would be an interesting option for you.

In order to be selected by companies, PCB students must have various skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Patience
  • Knowledge of the human body
  • Be willing to learn technologies and concepts throughout your career.

After completing the GCP and studying well, you can choose to work as an independent healthcare practitioner, work as a doctor in a reputable hospital or consider further study. There are many opportunities to make money and learn more if you choose CCP as your post-10 learning pathway.

PKBM : Combined flow that helps you get a great career and a good salary

In fact, the PCBM department is an intermediate solution for students who want to master both basic mathematics and biology. And if you want to learn the best of both worlds, PCBM would be the ideal course stream for you. If you choose the PCBM for years 11 and 12, you can take either biology or mathematics. In addition, you are entitled to an exclusive specialty, such as biotechnology, which cannot be obtained through knowledge of a single field. Overall, PCBM is an excellent course for students who want to gain a lot of knowledge and have great career opportunities after graduation/post graduation.

Unlike the PCM and PCD programs, which require students to achieve a 60% score in their major, the PCM programs require students to achieve a score above 60% in math and science. Since this course teaches both mathematics and biology, you should have a basic knowledge of both subjects. So, if you have, you can enroll in PKBM for a good school that has the ability to teach the subjects while providing practical knowledge of the industry.

  • Courses to choose after grade 12.

In addition to taking courses that used to be considered math and biology courses, you can also seek out new courses, such as… B. Engineering in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and many other important fields. This makes the PCBM an interesting study program for students with diverse interests.

The skills you should have in PCBM are the following.

  • Basic knowledge of mathematics and biology
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent academic results

Since the course combines both mathematics and biology, you can enjoy unparalleled career opportunities after completing the graduate courses of your choice. You can choose to work as a technician in a hospital, work for a biotech company or assist in hospitals/internships depending on your knowledge and skills. Moreover, biotechnology is gaining enormous popularity abroad. So you can also choose to work outside the country to get a good reputation and money.


This was a brief overview of the three most popular majors that students choose after 10th grade. All of these directions offer great career opportunities, and what you should keep in mind when choosing one is your area of interest. There are many opportunities for graduation, higher degree and promotion for these streams and if you really like to have a good career, none of them will disappoint you completely. So choose wisely, consult your parents and experts in the field, and then choose the right field of study that will help you take the first step towards a bright and stable career.

frequently asked questions

Should I accept PCM or Pcmb?

If you want quick answers, take PCBs if you want to study medicine after age 12. Buy a PCM if you’re after 12. Classroom technology wants to do. Take both (PCMB) if you are not sure what you want to study. If you like to study basic sciences, you can choose your favorite subjects accordingly.

Which pcb or pcmb is better?

If you take the PCB combination, check which courses the university you want to enroll in offers with the PCB. If you are willing to learn these topics well, choose GCP. If you don’t want to study the specific courses offered by the college along with the PCB, go to PCMB.

What is the best option for class 11?

The board offers many options, but the science options are the most common: Medicine – psychology, biotechnology, mathematics, economics, home economics, fine arts, sports. Non-medical – computer science, economics, sports, technical drawing, fine arts, psychology.

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