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Project-based learning is a teaching method that sees students working in groups to create something of value. It’s not about solving problems; it’s about creating them and finding solutions together..

Project-Based Learning Workshops By TeachThought is a new initiative that will be launching in 2021. The project will focus on helping educators and administrators implement and support project-based learning.

Introduction of project based learning workshops by TeachThought

TeachThought Staff

Did you know TeachThought offers professional development workshops on project-based learning?

Project-based learning is no more complex than other educational trends, but there are many misconceptions about its roles, work, process, and authenticity that can affect its success in your school or district. Professional development in the field of integration is therefore particularly rewarding.

Unlike Twitter chats, blogs, videos and even books, working face-to-face with our experts allows teachers to immerse themselves in project-based learning.

Of course, the desired effect of our continuing education is that teachers continue to grow and develop over time, who in turn are able to develop children.

Educator Janet Jenkins, who participated in one of our PBL workshops, offered her perspective on this work.

The teachers were inspired and ready to start the year with a PBL unit. They thanked me for the meaningful, structured and innovative way of teaching, which helped them a lot in the classroom. We all really enjoyed Kris! I can’t thank you enough for being such wonderful hosts! I look forward to seeing how the hard work of our teachers in the classroom is paying off. Again, a big round of applause for Chris and the TeachThought team. They have definitely helped our teachers grow!

You can learn more about TeachThought PBL workshops on our professional development site

Introduction of project based learning workshops by TeachThought

Project-based learning workshops are a new way to introduce students to the world of education. The idea is that students learn by doing through projects and research. This can be used in elementary school, but can also extend into other areas like high school or college. Reference: project based learning ideas for first grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PBL workshop?

A: A workshop is a place where you can get help with the program. Those that are new to PBL often dont know how to use it or where their data is stored, so theyll have someone show them exactly what they need in order to work on their project again.

How do you present a project based learning?

A: Presenting a project-based learning is similar to presenting any type of presentation. You will need to consider your audience, what you want them to take away from it and how they should go about understanding the information that was presented.

What are some examples of project based learning?

A: Some examples of project based learning are a school science fair, creating a website for your favorite band, and reviving the interest in poetry by developing an online generator.

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