Human Resources (HR) Course: Details, Eligibility, Career, Fees, and More

Staff training in India is currently very successful. Across the country, many students enroll in this course. If organizing new things by finding the right resources is your thing, then you should enroll in this course. Some students participate because of their personal interests, while others participate because of peer pressure. You need to understand the concept of the course you are about to teach. Work that creates new opportunities and new ways of learning in your life is not work, it is treasure. Therefore, all students should have a better understanding of the Human Resource Management course. We discuss details, selection criteria, topics, orientation, salary structure, pay, range and more in human resources. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Human Resources (HR) Course Details

Without the necessary number of employees, a business cannot function successfully. Every business wants to grow over time. Therefore, hiring dedicated professionals/employees is the first necessity for starting a new business. You’re probably wondering what HR has to do with all this, right?

Let’s start by understanding the term human resource management. It consists of three different words:

  • People want to tell the audience. There are different kinds of people in it. The diversity of the population creates different needs.
  • A resource is an asset, money, personnel or other material that a company can use to improve its performance. It can be a monetary value or a human value.
  • The management has the last word. This means a set of planning, programming, organizing, coordinating and controlling activities that will lead you to your goal.

So what is human resource management? It is a coherent and organized process for the effective use of human resources to achieve an end goal. You can also contact the National Institute of Personnel Management. However, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for your fears.

If you want to take courses in human resources, you can take a basic course or choose to do so after you graduate. That’s entirely your decision. However, we encourage you to consider it after graduation if your path is clear enough.

Students have also started distance learning and diploma courses in human resource management. This will give you a concise idea of how to apply for various human resource management jobs across the country. Let’s take a look at the admission criteria, career guidance, curriculum, tuition fees, subjects and other information about HR education:

Tolerance criteria:

The eligibility criterion for a staff study depends on several factors, such as. B :

  • your qualifications
  • Age factor
  • Number of attempts
  • Your scores in relevant exams

First, you can choose to study human resources at four main levels:

Once you have decided which course you would like to take, here is some information on the entry requirements for these courses:

(a) Degree : The candidate must pass the secondary examination of central or state government with an overall score of 50%. However, a discount of 40-45% is given to caste and tribal students as per the list of examinations conducted in the respective boards.

(b) Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources: The requirements for the degree and the Bachelor of Business Administration are similar. However, it is a three-year degree, with four semesters, open electives and elective courses. A BBA degree is considered better than a diploma. Mainly because of the length of the course. It is abundantly clear that a student learns more details after three years than after one year.

(c) Master of Business Administration in human resources management : A cumulative graduation rate of 50% is required. If you are a graduate of a business management institute, this will be more useful to you.

(d) PGDM : The admission criteria for MBA and PGDM are similar. However, an MBA is a two-year course and a PGDM can take between 1 and 2 years.

What exams do I need to take to get into HRM?

We will list the best exams that can give you the status of a recognized university. Sit down and get ready. Here’s the list:

1) CAT : Most students who want to go into business don’t start preparing for the common admission test until high school. If you achieve the highest CAT score, you can get admission into the best business school in India – Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

2) XAT: This is the second most common test for business administration and management students. About 700 business schools take this exam for admission to the MBA program. XAT stands for Xavier Aptitude Test.

3) CMAT : The Indian National Testing Bureau is organizing a common entrance test for executives. It is also a national exam for business and management candidates.

4) NMAT: You may have heard of NMIMS University. NMAT is organized for NMIMS and other leading business schools in India.

5) CPAWS : That’s the national symbiosis test. It is organized every year for admission to management studies at symbiotic places in India.

What is the enrollment process for a human resource management course?

After you graduate from the respective state or central boarding school with an overall score of 50%, you are free to participate in various exams. Fill out the application form, get the passes, take the various tests and wait patiently for the results. Once the results are announced, you can check your score and rankings. If you get good grades, some universities will preselect you. If not, you can also turn to private institutions.

Vocational guidance:

Employment opportunities: Once you graduate from a prestigious university, there are many jobs available to you. Some of them are:

  • Manager Human Resources
  • Responsible for employee benefits
  • Coordinator Human Resources
  • Head of Talent Search

The kind of work most of these jobs do:

  • -Reduce the company’s workforce by clarifying its relationships with employees.
  • -The employee must successfully implement the plan.
  • -Organize and plan a destination. In addition, the usefulness of the various plans must be assessed.
  • -Provides administrative work in the Human Resources Department.
  • -Manage and maintain the organization’s personnel files.

-regions with high demand for staff: HR managers are in high demand in most major cities in India. The major destinations for recruitment are Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Chennai and Surat. The most profitable companies include Wipro, TCS, Deloitte, Pine Labs, Capgemini, KPMG and IT systems engineering firms.

Tuition fees

The cost of higher education depends on the type of institution and also on how you enroll. If you are eligible for the exams, you will be admitted for less money, unlike those who have a parallel registration fee. In addition, rates for public facilities are much lower than for private facilities and facilities that are considered public.

Government agencies : A graduate degree in human resources costs between $25,000 and $50,000 per year. However, the fee structure for undergraduate and postgraduate studies can be as high as 12 to 18 deficits in all years.

Private facilities: Private institutions generally charge higher rates. For example, if you do pg at a university that counts, you can get credit for 20-30 gaps for all years. Therefore, it is always best to contact a public institution. This will save you money on future courses. But in private schools, there is no compromise in studies. They have brilliant faculty and facilities. So you have a choice at the end!

Other information:

  • What are the challenges of HRM?

You will need to delve into topics such as quantitative skills, customer value management, strategic management, problem solving management, human resource projects, the legal business environment and international human resource management.

  • What is the best personality to study HRM?

If you have excellent communication skills, analytical mindset, good orientation, teamwork skills, employee relationship management and human resource management experience, you have the right personality to choose a degree in human resource management.

  • Can I apply for a job or study at HRM abroad?

Yes, you can apply for various jobs abroad to study or work. First of all, you must pass a language test in the region where you want to work. The next steps depend on the location you are interested in. So you need to think carefully about the region where you want to work and live.


Recruiters are in high demand these days. The country’s population is growing, as is its business community. Every business facility must operate smoothly and efficiently. A human analyst is in the best position to make these changes to achieve the right objectives. So start your journey in this vast world of business management and live well. Thank you for reading. Come back for more informative articles!

frequently asked questions

How much does an HR diploma cost?

On average, the annual cost is about $36,000 for tuition, books and supplies, and board and lodging. However, the range for in-state and out-of-state students for this degree can be anywhere from about $11,000 to $60,000 per year, depending on the school they attend.

What is the best course for HR?

Top 5 HR Courses | AIHR Digital

What are HR rights?

Eligibility criteria for the profession of human resources (HR) manager. +2 : No restrictions. Students from both science, business and math programs can participate. Baccalaureate: Most companies require at least a bachelor’s degree in human resources management.


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