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ExamTime is the go-to app for students, teachers and parents. The best part? It’s free! Download the latest version of ExamTime now to start studying smarter than ever before.

ExamTime is a free app that allows you to study for your exam in a fun and interactive way. The app has been downloaded over 10 million times, and the reviews are great!

18th of April, 2014 ExamTime is a free online learning platform that allows students and instructors to create, share, and find educational materials (Mind Maps, Quizzes, Study Planner & more). The web-app blends educational technology with tried-and-true learning tools and methods. ExamTime has devised a method for assisting instructors in encouraging students to actively participate in their topics, thus improving the learning experience.


Here are five reasons why ExamTime should be used in your classroom:

1. ExamTime is a completely free and simple-to-use website. 2. The tools are excellent methods to motivate students to engage in active learning. 3. With an online community and sharing opportunities, it encourages collaborative learning. 4. Teachers may assign students homework and classwork to do.

5. It’s enjoyable!

The website is accessible in English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, and has already attracted users from more than 140 countries across the globe. Currently, there is no cost to use the platform. However, a paid edition will be published shortly, so download it now and give it a try since it will only be available for a limited time.

Below is an example of an ExamTime Mind Map:

ExamTime also has the following features:

• Mind Maps: Make connections between concepts to enhance comprehension and memory • Flashcards: Test your memory by memorizing study material • Quizzes: Use engaging and interactive online quizzes to quickly assess a student’s understanding. • Study Planner: Encourage your pupils to plan their study time efficiently by using online notes to better organize topics and cooperate to integrate various ideas.

ExamTime is an excellent educational tool for students and instructors to collaborate on projects. Start here if you haven’t already done so.

ExamTime is a free educational app that will help you prepare for your exams. The five step strategy for student success with online learning will ensure success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which educational app is totally free?

A: The app that gives you an easy way to learn new words, read stories, improve your math skills and more is called Endless Alphabet. Its totally free!

How much does an educational app cost?

A: An educational app can cost anywhere from $0.99 to about $100.

What app can I make e portfolio?

A: You can make a portfolio of your work digitally by creating a website or app that has the ability to upload and share pictures, videos, and other media on their platform.

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