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The Google Teacher Academy provides online training for teachers to help them succeed in using digital tools. The academy offers courses on how to create effective lessons, communicate with parents, and adjust teaching methods for the current classroom landscape.

Google is now accepting applications for the Google Teacher Academy. The program is designed to give educators a chance to learn from experts and become certified in the field of education.

This year’s Google Teacher Academy applications are already available, and you have until June 10 to submit yours. Participants who attend Google Academy, which will be held on February 32-24 in Chicago, will become Google Certified Teachers. More information on Google Teacher Academy can be found here, and you can also learn more about it by visiting this link.


Each GTA attracts about 50 creative educators from across the globe who are chosen based on the quality of their online applications. Classroom teachers, curriculum experts, technology specialists, librarians, administrators, professional trainers, and other education professionals who work with primary and secondary school teachers and students across the globe are among the applicants. Participants are chosen based on their professional expertise, enthusiasm for teaching and learning, and effective use of technology in the classroom. Educators that actively offer mentorship or training for other teachers are of special importance to us. Participants are responsible for their own travel and, if required, accommodation. If you are not local, you must be willing to be resourceful with all technologies to facilitate communication and collaboration with your fellow Google Certified Teachers. The GTA is designed to create a strong professional community of educators who support each other over the course of a year, so if you are not local, you must be willing to be resourceful with all technologies to facilitate communication and collaboration with your fellow Google Certified Teachers.

Requirements for Applications

All Google Teacher Academy applications must be submitted via our online form. Only applications received before the deadline will be considered. A video and short answer questions are included in the application. Because many of you are nearing the end of the school year, please think about what video you may want to collect shortly. “Motivation and Learning,” “Classroom Innovation,” or “Positive Change in My Community” must be the subject of the original one-minute film. Be as inventive as you want, but remember to adhere to copyright rules. After you’ve finished making the video, upload it to YouTube and then enter the exact URL into the application’s relevant box. We do not accept videos through email, and we do not view films longer than one minute. We understand that you may not have previously created a film or possess video equipment, but we are sure that you will be able to fulfill this criterion. You are not need to appear in the video, however please do not submit videos that were made for another project or videos that were generated by others. Include no pictures, video, or audio that are protected by copyright. (For additional information, go to the YouTube copyright education channel.) If you’ve already applied to the GTA, you may utilize the same video if you like.

The “google certified educator level 1 practice test” is a tool that can help you prepare for the Google Teacher Academy. The application process is now open, so make sure to get your application in before it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Teacher Certification free?

A: Google Teacher Certification is not free.

What is Google Teacher Academy?

A: Google Teacher Academy is an online platform where teachers can learn how to use technology in their classrooms. It provides training videos, lesson plans, real world examples of classroom projects that have been completed with the help of technology and much more!

What is a Google for Education partners?

A: A Google for Education partners is a business that provides services to the public, non-profit or government organizations. This type of company would typically provide online advertising, analytic reporting and metrics tracking software.

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