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The city of Shimla is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. This city has an interesting past, but is today associated with the tourist activities, which are too numerous to mention.

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The British used to escape to Shimla hill station (Sahara), the colonial summer capital, when the heat of the Indo-Gangetic plains grew intolerable. The Elizabethan style mingled and fused with many architectural forms, thus the building’s beauty endures and is not just in the eye of the viewer. Ellesley, Christ Church, Gorton Castle, Wood Ville, and others are examples.

Peaks of Snow

Essay-On-What-I-Like-About-Shimla-For-Students-InWhen this mountainous city was designated the capital of Himachal Pradesh after India gained independence, the spirits of the past appealed to enthusiasts from India as well as foreigners.


This, however, is not the sole incentive for visiting Shimla. The smooth slopes of peaks on the snowy Drapard Mountain are full invites to the soul or vocation. Yoga needs to face the bright rays of the sun’s awakening when camping and hiking, and there may be additional causes. And when visitors understand what they can do to make the most of their stay in Shimla, this list is likely to go a long way.

The Best Summer Vacation Spot

1625964043_631_Essay-On-What-I-Like-About-Shimla-For-Students-InShimla’s trip is a great route to view this paradise in summer, and also offers a totally new splendor in winter, due to its location at a height of 2200 meters on the summit of the Himalayas.


1625964044_445_Essay-On-What-I-Like-About-Shimla-For-Students-InShimla has grown into a sophisticated city under the name of Shyamala Devi, the embodiment of Goddess Kali. Even then, the presence of nature can be felt everywhere, and the name of this location may be interpreted as the beauty of the hill.


Full-Service Tourism Experience

1625964045_368_Essay-On-What-I-Like-About-Shimla-For-Students-In It’s no surprise that the film industry chose this city as the location for any international production. Shimla has a rich tourist history, with attractions like as entertainment, culture, the colonial period, temples and palaces, and British architecture all visible in the landscape.

The Queen Of The Hills

1625964046_226_Essay-On-What-I-Like-About-Shimla-For-Students-InFor its admirers, Shimla is renowned as the Queen of Hills, and Himachal Pradesh is the state capital. Goddess Shani Devi, a symbol of Goddess Kali, is the source of the name Shimla. Visit – Manali Volvo Packages for more information.

The Origins Of Beauty

1625964047_34_Essay-On-What-I-Like-About-Shimla-For-Students-InThe history of this lovely city dates back to the 18th century, when the British army fought the Gorkhas and took control of the region. This area was formerly dominated by thick forest. Jakhu temple and a few scattered homes were the sole signs of civilisation at the time.

As a result, Shimla’s history can be divided into two phases: before the British era and the beginning of Indian independence, when Bhimsen Thapa of Nepal attacked the Himachal region in 1806 and defeated them in the Anglo-Nepali War; and after the British era and the beginning of Indian independence, when Bhimsen Thapa of Nepal attacked the Himachal region in 1806 and defeated them in the Anglo-Nepali War.

After that, the East India Company gained control of the region, which started in 1814 and lasted until 1816. The East India Company surrendered the authority of Patiala’s territory to the management of this region, which was associated with the British as a recompense during the war, with the Sugolai Treaty. The migration of English political agents to this region continues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I like my city Shimla?

Shimla is a city in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known for its natural beauty and cool climate.

How to describe the beauty of Shimla?

Shimla is a city in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located in the Kullu Valley and has been described as a gem of the Himalayas.

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