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Class 4 students often face problems with their studies. In their 10th standard, they have to write an essay on Untouchability (a subject) with a minimum of 200 words. The problem is that some classes have to spend as much as 30 to 40 hours in the classroom, rotating their classrooms for two hours each for the first six months. Therefore, instead of spending their time in a meaningless essay, they can start reading the essay, “The Untouchables – A Study in Class Struggle”.

There is a new system introduced with the new education system in India. This system is ‘inclusive’ and many people are not able to adopt the new system. Some people are intentionally staying behind in the new system. The new government is trying to make the education system ‘inclusive’ for all.


Untouchability has been practiced in India for centuries.  This is a form of social crime. In this case, people are discriminated by the society because they belong to a particular caste and social group.

Victims of untouchability

When the Aryans came to India, they divided the people into groups according to their finances, colour and occupation. There were four classes: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras.

All priests were relegated to the Brahmin class. The soldier was there in a group of kshatriyas. The Vaishya group, on the other hand, consists of people engaged in agriculture or small businesses, and finally the Shudras form the group of health workers.

The lowest group, the Shudras, are the victims of untouchability. They are also called Dalits. These Shudras are busy working, cleaning, taking care of old cattle, eating carrion, etc. No one in society shows them respect and dignity. No one in society shows them respect and dignity.


Many companies or owners refuse to offer work to people belonging to a lower caste. These people were not allowed to fight for their right, if they tried at all, they were dominated in all areas by the superior group.

There is a separate educational facility for Dalit children. They should not aspire to be educated in an ordinary school with the students of the upper class.

Dalits are not allowed to sit or stand next to high-ranking people. When upper class people sit on a chair, Dalits have to sit on the floor. They even have to separate their utensils; they are not allowed to use the water that the women of the upper class come to fetch.

Dalits were not allowed to enter the temple to worship the god. They are also discriminated against in hospitals; it does not matter if a Dalit patient dies.

They were denied access to all public transport and public places.

In modern society

In urban areas, there is no need to worry about untouchability. Here people from different groups worked together and lived in the same apartment. Many laws have been introduced by the government in favour of Dalit families.

For them, a specific category is reserved for access to schools and colleges or for employment in the public and private sectors. Untouchability is disappearing from urban society.

In remote or underdeveloped areas, people still cling to their customs and beliefs. They are not ready to accept the government’s changes and give equal status to Dalits.

If the ancestors worked in health care, the new generation, whether they become officers or not, will always have to deal with untouchability because of the ancestors’ profession.


This social crime has deep roots in Indian society. It’s over in the cities, now it’s the turn of the countryside. Yes, getting rid of this practice completely is difficult, but not impossible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is untouchability easy words?

Untouchability is a social and economic system of segregation and discrimination against Dalits, or people who are considered “untouchable” in India.

What is called untouchability?

Untouchability is a social and economic system in which people are segregated on the basis of their caste.

What is untouchability in value education?

Untouchability in value education is the idea that certain groups of people are not worthy of being educated.

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