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Students in 3rd class are unlucky because they have to write essays on trains to reach their destination, but they are lucky to have proper trains to travel comfortably. They are among the privileged people who use public transport, but they are also among the ones who are least aware of it. Their chief concern is that they are late for their classes, just like the train, which they are supposed to board at 8:00 am. At least, they get to listen to some nice music while travelling in their comfortable trains.

All classes take the same train; the only difference is the journey. The same railway lines take you to many different places; one’s destination, however, is always the same. These are the only kinds of trains that leave the same station. Situations like these are very common among individuals. They are, therefore, known as trains. A train is a long journey that is full of ups and downs. One can get to a destination of a high destination through a series of ups and downs. A train may have unique features that help him or her achieve unique destinations.

In this essay, you will learn the difference between train, drive and take. You will learn that during class three, students are taught how to read out loud. You will learn that students are taught to read out loud by their teachers. You will learn that they can also read silently. You will learn that students are taught to read out loud by the teacher. You will learn that students are taught to read out loud by their teachers.. Read more about short essay on train for class 2 and let us know what you think.



Traveling by rail is always enjoyable for everyone, whether it is an elderly person or a child. We all like traveling by train since there are so many sights to view when the train is on its route to its next destination. We can’t even fathom what we’ll have to deal with once we’re on the train.

A Train Journey to RememberEssay-on-Train-for-Class-Three-For-Students-in-Easy

When we travel by train as children, we are usually accompanied by someone we can trust, who is usually our mother or father, and we can travel with them without feeling anxious.


Traveling with your parents is one of the greatest things you can do since it allows you to spend time with your family, which is something we sometimes overlook when we remain at home.

Because everyone is preoccupied with their own tasks: mom is in charge of the cooking, dad is in charge of the workplace, and this kid is preoccupied with his studies. There are just a few moments at home when you can spend quality time with your family, but when you’re on the train and with your family, you have the whole train to yourself.

Your Traveling Companions1625962270_945_Short-Essay-On-Train-Journey-For-Students-And-Children-In

After all, as teenagers, we all desire to go to numerous locations, especially with our friends. We want to go to new locations with new people, and once they’re in the train with you, you don’t notice how long the trip has been.


If we are with our friends, the whole trip is finished in a short period of time. We still don’t want the train to stop when we get at our destination since it makes you feel unique to be with your friends while enjoying a magnificent view from the train.

Traveling by Train Alone

Distance When we realize we’ll be traveling alone on the train, we’re a bit nervous since we’ve never traveled by train for such a long distance before, but it’s also a lot of fun.

When we are alone on the train and don’t know the person sitting next to us, we get a new person or a new buddy for the duration of our trip. This is how the train gives you the confidence to engage with various individuals.

The Advantages of Traveling by Train1625963958_475_Essay-On-Winner-Stand-Alone-Alone-For-Students-In-Easy

The majority of the Indian population prefers to travel by rail rather than by plane since trains have many more amenities than planes.

The train is less expensive than flying, and the train offers so many lovely sights on the ground. If we simply want to see something beautiful, we may look up at the sky from our terrace.

So, when we travel by train for a long distance, we always make sure that we have the opportunity to try various foods from other states when the train is stopped on any stations.


By the age of 3, most children have already learned how to read and speak. But not all children can follow through. The ability to read well comes only if the child practices reading regularly.. Read more about paragraph on my first train journey and let us know what you think.

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