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There is an obvious reason behind the rainy season. As a natural phenomenon, it is divided into two categories – summer and winter. The seasonal change occurs for several reasons. Some of the reasons are the climate, temperature, humidity, and the lack of sunlight. The seasonal change plays an important role in our lives. The first time we notice the seasonal changes is when the spring comes. The phenomenon becomes noticeable when the bare branches of the trees become green leaves. The sky becomes blue and the sun rays come more frequently.

In this essay, we are going to discuss about the favorable effect which rain has on our life. It is one of the most colorful and eye-catching seasons which gives people an opportunity to enjoy and spend time in the rain. We can get the benefit of rain in the form of fruits, autumn leaves and we can also get the benefit of rain in the form of water which is essential for our life. People prefer to go to the rain more in the rainy season because it is a great opportunity to enjoy the rain.

Rainy season is the season when the sky is full of clouds and it is frequently raining. It is primarily a seasonal phenomenon but the term is also used to describe the season which is followed by rain and heavy showers. The reason behind it is different for every region of the world. The term rain season is used when the clouds are likely to rain, the time is during which rain is likely to fall.. Read more about rainy season essay for class 5 and let us know what you think.



The rainy season is a time for happiness, amusement, and love. The advent of rainy days is eagerly anticipated by everyone. India has three distinct seasons: summer, rainy season, and winter. Summer is followed by the rainy season.

Weather Variations

1625965202_649_Essay-On-Rainy-Season-For-Class-5-Students-In-EasyPeople suffer greatly during the summer months as a result of the severe hot winds and scorching sun rays. Some individuals are bothered by rashes and boils. As the rain begins to fall, the weather begins to change. The weather shifts from scorching heat to pleasant chill.


The Farmer’s Happiness

Essay-On-Rainy-Season-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyIt is the farmer, whose livelihood is entirely dependent on the rainy season. They begin their cultivation procedure when the rainy season comes. If the rainy season arrives late in any given year, the farmer becomes anxious about the future.

Normally, the farmer worships Lord Indra (lord of rain). They begin to conduct different poojas and rituals in order for the Lord to bless them with rain. However, if the severe rains return, the farmer would be in a stressful situation.

The farmer’s crops may be ruined by the excessive rain. Many knowledgeable farmers are preparing for the impending rain with some pre-measured supplies.

Season of Good Feelings

1625965211_756_Essay-On-Rainy-Season-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyFor many individuals, the season brings up memories. People like spending their days at home with their family. Everyone can sense the sluggishness. The eating habit becomes the most beneficial. In their houses, everyone is busy eating their favorite hot and spicy cuisine.


Season of Inspiration For Poets And Writers

Essay-On-Rainy-Season-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyWhen the rainy season comes, poets and writers are inundated with new ideas. In their works, they depict the lovely scenery of nature. Poets are preoccupied with observing the changes that occur as the rainy season begins.

Natural Changes 

Essay-On-Visit-To-A-Hill-Station-For-Students-InMany good improvements are taking place in the environment. The creatures, including plants, that were dying as a result of the summer’s heat waves have returned to their regular lives. The water of love, hope, and life has been reintroduced to the dried-up river, pond, and lake. Frogs and fishes, for example, are aquatic creatures that have received the ray of life. Many trees that perished over the summer season have begun to sprout anew.

During the rainy season, children who were previously prohibited from playing outdoors get the opportunity to bathe or play with their pals.

Negative Effects:

Despite many of the beneficial improvements, the wet season has its drawbacks as well. If it rains excessively, there will be a flood in the village or town. The impoverished individuals who live on the streets suffer greatly because they lack adequate safety measures.

Everywhere you look, there’s a muddy sight. The kid needs to fight hard to go to school. Adults encounter traffic congestion on their way to work.

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Rainy season is important for us as humans. It is a time when we get to enjoy our outdoor activities in the comfort of our homes by either venturing out or staying indoors. The rainy season is also known as the monsoon season when there is heavy rain and thunderstorms. In this essay, I will discuss about the rain season with the title “Essay On Rainy Season For Class 4 Students In Easy Words – Read Here.” Rainy season is a part of our daily routine and also an important part of our lives. The rainy season can also be the healthy part of our lives. Rainy season acts as the natural cleanser of our surroundings and helps in removing the bad things from our environment that may be hazardous for our health. Read more about rainy season for kids and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rainy season in simple words?

Rainy season is the time of year when it rains on a regular basis. It is also the time of year when plants grow and flowers bloom.

How do you write a rainy season paragraph?

You write about the rain, how it falls from the sky and makes everything wet.

Why is rainy season my Favourite?

Rainy season is my favourite because its the time of year when the weather is most unpredictable.

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