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It has been the last three months since we had started this journey of learning for Class 4 students in Easy words. We are eagerly waiting to see the result of our efforts. We have taught the students the basic concepts of English. They have been taught from the basic sounds of English and letters to the basic words in English. Now they are ready for writing.

At school, you learn a lot of things but it is very difficult to remember and retain everything that you learn. You are required to learn so much and you have to memorize them all. That’s why students always remember that a teacher always gives an example or a reference to a certain topic to be remembered.

Education is the process through which people acquire knowledge, skills, or values. It is a life-long process that is enhanced through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. In order to be successful, an individual must be able to acquire new knowledge and master the techniques of new skills. There are many reasons why one might choose to secure a position in the school system, but in all cases they will need to be able to learn and understand the processes that will be required of them.. Read more about my school essay for class 4 and let us know what you think.



My school’s name is Inspiration public school, and every student in the school is a merit student in the 10th and 12th grades; as a result, this school has excelled in the area of education since its inception, and the kids here also excel in sports.

My School Schedule

1625964678_766_Essay-On-Self-Discipline-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadEvery kid who comes here receives an excellent education. The goddess of music and education, Saraswati, is worshipped as you enter the institution. We see her first, then pray to her. My school is open from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the summer and 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the winter.


The School Program

Essay-On-My-School-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyBefore the school day begins, we pray on the field, and our Principal teaches us something new every day that is very beneficial to us. We are also updated about the school’s programs here.

The School’s Construction

Essay-On-My-School-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyStudents at the school read aloud to one another. Two rooms have been set aside for each class in the school, allowing for the creation of a second part for the pupils. The school’s structure is lovely, wide, and spacious.

There are two gardens in front of the school with different kinds of flower plants that are both lovely to look at and aromatic to the school’s environment. In the afternoons, there is also a canteen at the school where we may dine.

Clothing Requirements

Every year, scholarships are awarded to underprivileged children who have excelled in school. My school’s uniform consists of a white shirt, blue paint, a waist belt, and a blue tie, which I like.


Computer Lab And Library

1625965801_509_Essay-On-My-School-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyIn the school, there are tables and chairs for students to use so that we may sit and study comfortably. My school also has a library and a computer lab. The school grounds have been fenced, preventing sand from flying and keeping the school clean.

In school, there is competition

Essay-On-School-Day-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211No one else can enter the school since it is surrounded by a high wall. My school has a variety of contests in which we participate. Yoga is also taught, which improves our health and allows us to attend school on a daily basis.

Sports And Games

1625964152_51_Essay-On-Values-Of-Games-And-Sports-For-Students-InMy school also encourages kids to engage in a number of sports such as Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Cricket, Chess, and Football, among others, and our students compete at the district and state levels each year. The kids from our school won the gold medal in cricket last year.

My Head of School

1625965803_543_Essay-On-My-School-For-Class-4-Students-In-EasyThe Headmaster of My school is excellent, and its reputation has grown since it was taken over. Sports are also done at my school, so that our whole growth is due to them, which is why I like my school so much.


In summary, my school is concerned not only with academic development but also with the entire performance of the students. I feel very fortunate to be a student at this institution.

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I am really proud of my school. We are doing really good in our school. To know more about our school, you can visit our website. You can read our school news in our main website.. Read more about 5 sentences about my school and let us know what you think.

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