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Students today are more academically-driven than ever before, and this is having a great impact on the way they approach learning. In the past, students have been more interested in a broad range of subjects at school than in just one area of study. However, thanks to the more competitive nature of education today, students are now expected to excel in a particular subject area.

My role model is the man who commanded his team of workers to build a hospital in the 90s in a village in the slums of Delhi. I read about his journey where he started with a hopeless struggle for the rights of the people of his hill-top village, where there was no medical facility in sight. I am inspired by him as a man who made a social commitment and who embodied the teachings of Gandhiji. His fight for the rights of the poor is a lesson I will never forget.

Does anybody want to be or has anyone ever been referred by someone as a role model for students? If so, then this is the site for you.. Read more about write about your role model in 150 words and let us know what you think.


My father is a perfect match for me. They possess all of the characteristics of a great parent since they are a perfect father. They are not only my father, but also my closest friends, who warn me by making me seem good and terrible from time to time.

Dad constantly tells me not to give up and to keep learning new things. From their father, no one can be a decent guide. Every kid solely learns his father’s characteristics, since he is the one who is in charge of adapting him to changing situations throughout his life. They always have a never-ending treasure of of information to share with us. Some of their distinguishing characteristics, such as –Endurance, make them the most unique in the world.


Dad’s most significant trait is that he never stops working and never loses his cool. In any situation, they proceed with calm understanding and patience, even in the most severe situations.



I’ve always heard from my father that we should never lose control of ourselves, no matter what occurs. Daddy always completes each job correctly and with a humble demeanor. They never get angry at me or the mother over trivial matters.



Dad instills in us the importance of self-discipline, and they are self-disciplined. Their whole schedule is structured from dawn to night. They wake up early in the morning and head to work to complete their daily tasks before returning home. Every evening, they also take me to the garden to take me to the garden. After that, students study all of the school courses.



Dad is serious about all of the household chores, as well as the health of all of the family members. They don’t focus at little details; instead, they take everything seriously and explain it to us.



Daddy and the rest of the family adore me, and they make sure that there are no flaws in the home and that all of our requirements are met. In any event, rather than criticizing us, they constantly explain things to us in a caring manner and warn us not to make the same errors again.

Big Heart

Fathers have a large heart, and when they don’t have enough money, they forget about themselves and focus on our wants, which are often needless. They never allowed us or our family members have whatever we wanted. Even if the children do not commit any major errors, Dad always apologizes after expressing displeasure.

Daddy may not always tell himself about his difficulties, but he is constantly concerned about the wants and concerns of his family. The father’s grandeur grows even more as a result of these qualities, and he can no longer be compared to anybody else in the world. For each kid, fathers are the true manifestation of God on earth.

They also forget about their requests for their children to be happy. They labor late at night for their children, and they want to provide them with every convenience that they lacked as children. Many times, even with little pay rates, dads get engrossed in debt in order to provide a decent education for their children, but they never bother them…! Perhaps this is why dads are regarded as the most important people on the planet.

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I think I am a role model for students all over the world. I find it quite difficult to find words that can express how much I love these students.. Read more about my role model essay 200 words and let us know what you think.

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