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I am a mother of a little girl. My daughter has done very well in her studies. She has even scored over 99% marks in all her subjects. She is very motivated and keen to learn. She is also a good student. My daughter is very caring and loves to help others. She loves to listen to everyone and can be trusted. She is very good in studies and is an excellent student. She is very good in school. She is very good in studies. She is very good in studies. She is very good in studies. She is very good in studies. She is very good in studies. She is very good in studies. She is very good in studies. She is very good in studies. She is very good in

Parents may seem like the most important people in your life, but that’s not always the case. Although we tend to think that our parents are the most important people in the world, sometimes it’s not true. This is the reason why we should focus on our own lives and learn how to be independent.

In school, we have to write about a topic of our choice. Most of us are afraid to write about our mothers due to the fact that they always get upset with us when we do not perform up to their standards. This is a topic that I am very close to and I feel that I should write about it.. Read more about essay on my mother in english and let us know what you think.


Our mother is the most essential person in our lives, since she constantly loves us as if we were actual nature. She is constantly with us and takes care of us at all times. She maintains us in the womb by putting us through a lot of sorrow and agony, but in her actual life, she is constantly pleased to think about us.

She gives birth to us without complaint. We cannot compare her genuine love to someone else throughout his life, therefore we must constantly show him love and respect. God has bestowed many benefits on everyone with whom she shares a mother.


 Mother is a regular person.


A mother is an average lady who can not comprehend why her pleasure comes before that of her children. She is constantly enthralled by everyone’s actions and laughs. She has a strong sense of self-reliance and is a warm-hearted person who values love and responsibility.

She is a strong lady who learns to confront life’s most severe challenges. Grows through all of life’s challenges. She never fails to inspire and encourage us to achieve our goals. She is the first and most important teacher in his life, providing him with an education that is both useful and helpful throughout his life.

Special Relationship


Mothers and children have a unique connection that can never be broken. No mother ever diminishes her love for her kid and always loves all children equally, but as we get older, we can no longer even offer her a little amount of affection. Despite this, Mom never reprimanded us and always forgave us, like if we were children.

We can’t deceive her since she knows everything we do. She, like God, is always accessible to us. She is our mother, if there is a God on this planet. Nobody can love and nurture us as well as mother, and no one can sacrifice us as much as she does.


She is the most important lady in our lives, and no one can take her place in the future. Even though she is exhausted, she is always willing to do everything, even ours, without being exhausted. In the mornings, she rises us with great affection, makes breakfast, and offers us lunch and a drink bottle as normal.

Mother’s Day is coming up soon.


She does not want us to get into problems with people and does not want us to learn how to act in social situations. Every year on May 5th, Mother’s Day is commemorated to honor and appreciate Mother. No one can replace a mother in our lives.

Throughout our lives, we have always taken care of our mother. Nothing in this world can compare to a mother’s unconditional love. She is the only lady in our lives who has no intention of loving her kid.

For a mother, her kid is everything. She constantly encourages us to undertake any hard task in life when we are motivated. She is an excellent listener and hears everything we say, both good and negative. She never puts a halt to us or binds us in any way. She instills in us the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

 True Love’s Other Name


True love’s second name is a mother who can only be a mother. From the moment we enter his womb, we are born, enter this planet, and live with him for the rest of our lives. She showers us with affection.

We should be thankful to God since there is nothing worthwhile from a God-blessed mother. She is the only person in the world who has experienced real love and sacrifice.

It is something that gives life to a house and turns it into a lovely home. So, honor her, treat her as if she were a deity, and adore our mother.

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