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I am a student who loves to write. My hobbies are to write and to learn for essay. I wrote this essay about my hobbies.

If you are trying to solve a problem, you should write an essay on your hobby for students in easy words. It will be quite helpful for students to know about the problem. Its fun to write essays for children and adults. Most of us have hobbies. These hobbies can be a great time for people. A writer who has hobbies will be able to emphasize more on his hobby. So, he will be able to make more informative things about his hobby.


A hobby is an activity that is a person’s favorite pastime. Everyone has their hobbies. These favorite activities make a person feel fulfilled and refreshed. Many people have made a living out of their hobby.

My hobby

My hobby is traveling. An activity that proved to be a reset button for a boring life. There are those who, when their ordinary routine bores them, go to an interesting place for a few weeks and come back as fresh as a morning flower.

I have met many people who do not travel for pleasure, but only because they have to attend a meeting or an event.

Many people don’t realize that traveling from one place to another with friends or family can be so interesting and exciting. But even these people have some kind of hobby, like dancing, gambling, drawing, stamp collecting, singing or whatever. But for me, travel is what gives me a sense of adventure and helps me relax.

Value of travel packages

In general, I owe the fact that I chose travel as a hobby to my parents, who always instilled in me the value of travel and leisure.

My parents never forget to take a family trip once a year. Since parents are busy working all year and we kids are busy with school, we don’t have the opportunity to spend time together. The annual outings strengthen the bond by bringing everyone together.


Well, for the trip the main need is financial, although we are not that strong financially, my parents are doing something creative for the trip. Creativity means taking the train instead of the plane, preferring homemade food over packaged food, etc.

Driving lessons

On some trips you always learn something useful. The most important thing I have learned on this journey is that everything we have planned will never be as we had planned, there is something different than what we think in our dreams.

When we travel, we sometimes have good or bad experiences that teach us a life lesson that can be useful in the future.

Familiarise yourself with materials

Travel offers an overview of a specific region. We get to know the language spoken there and the clothes worn by the residents. We also get to know the tasty and delicious food of the place.

We always buy a few special things from this place to keep as souvenirs.

A priceless feeling

When I return from a trip, I find that I am more in touch with my family. The feeling of joy and relaxation that I experience during the trip cannot be expressed in words.

In my opinion, travel should be an integral part of life, it drives away boredom and refreshes the personality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hobbies In 1000 words?

I enjoy reading, writing, and playing video games.

How do I write an essay about my hobby?

You can write an essay about your hobby by describing what it is, how you got into it, and why you enjoy doing it.

How do I write an essay about my favorite hobby?

You can write an essay about your favorite hobby by discussing what you like about it, how you spend your time doing it, and why you enjoy it.

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