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I have been playing a lot of video games since I was in primary school. I am the type of person who loves to play games on my computer, and play with friends online. I have been playing HOGs on my computer where I have many different options to play in my life. I have a very nice collection of games to play. I have a lot of fun playing the games with my friends, and I like to share the fun games.

We all have our favorite games that we love to play and are highly addicted to. Some often spend most of their free time playing, while some have their daily routine of playing it. This is just like playing a game of chess. Everyone has their own play style and way of playing it. And some are extremely good at it. Just like chess, there are some games that may not sound attractive, but they are actually the best game to play. Everyone has their own taste in games. Some may prefer a game that is easy to pick up, and others may prefer challenging games. But, of all the games, you can never go wrong with chess. There is something about the game that makes it stand out from the rest. ~~

In the past few days, I have read so many essays, but most of them seem to be ordinary or boring. This essay is different from other essays because I am going to talk about my favorite game for class 4 students. This game is a computer game called, “Survival Island” which is available in all of the computer stores of the world.. Read more about my favourite game essay for class 5 and let us know what you think.



Due to his hectic schedule at work, man has little time in his life to obtain anything, and feeding his family has become the primary motivation. On the other hand, all of the children have been preoccupied with their studies at school, and after tuition and homework, there is no time for them to play. We, too, have been preoccupied. There is insufficient time to play both the indoor and outdoor games.

As a result, there has been nothing but tension in my life. As a result, my father advised me to recommend that you play some games. This can help you relieve stress while also keeping your body in good shape.


 My Favourite Sport

1625964152_51_Essay-On-Values-Of-Games-And-Sports-For-Students-InI played a variety of sports including cricket, tennis, hockey, and football, but my favorite was badminton. The game of badminton enthralled me to the point that I set aside time every evening to play.

In the game, there is only one winner; nevertheless, playing the game teaches us how to be tough and to work harder in all fields. This game is known as an indoor game since it does not need a large field and can be played in a tiny courtyard. The shuttlecock and badminton are the only items required.

There are many challenges that both the player and the opponent must overcome in order to beat the opponent, since there is only one victor in the game. There are certain regulations for playing badminton at the higher levels, but the main difficulty here is the winning and losing of two players in the game.


I and my buddy are constantly a part of this game, which makes both of us curious about winning. Sometimes I lose, and she loses, but there is no sorrow among us since we are taught that there should be more hard effort in some of the places, which strengthens my game and builds confidence.


Essay-On-My-Favorite-Game-For-Class-4-Students-InThere are certain regulations in all sports, and badminton is no exception. I don’t always obey the rules, but I am aware of them.

If the shuttlecock touches our side’s net, the opponent receives a point.

Only underarm hits are allowed at the national level; no overarm strikes are permitted.

It is considered a fault in this game if the net and racket come into contact, or if the shuttlecock comes into contact with the body.

Only two rest periods are included in the game: a 90-second break after the first game and a 5-minute break after the second game.

This is a list of badminton regulations that I am familiar with, although they are only observed at the national level. We solely operate on the premise of winning and losing, with the judge deciding on the greater point basis. Badminton is my favorite sport, and I like playing it with my friends.

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I love playing this game because I can interact with the characters and read all about their stories. I’ve read some really interesting stories about the characters and sometimes I wish I could find more of them. The game is great for reading stories and for writing your own stories.. Read more about my favorite game cricket essay writing and let us know what you think.

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My favorite game is the Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. I love how it has a vast open world with many secrets to be discovered and how you can use your own imagination to create your own stories as you go along.

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