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Father is a man who lives with his wife. Fathers love their family and they are very fond of their children. Fathers are always ready to help their family members. They are always ready to give the best to their family members. They would like to give their children the best quality of life. They would like to take care of their children with all their hearts. Fathers have a good sense of life and they think that it is their duty to take care of their family members. Fathers are always ready to help them.

Father is the most important person in a family. Every child expects his father to be there for him and give him advice.

My father is a strong man who I can depend on when I need him. He is always there for me when I need to talk about something or just to hang out. He is a man who cares about his family and will do anything in his power to keep everyone safe. He has always been there for me and has always taken time to listen to everything I have to say. He doesn’t force his beliefs or views on me or my family. He is a very good role model.. Read more about essay on father in english and let us know what you think.


My father is a perfect match for me. They possess all of the characteristics of a great parent since they are a perfect father. They are not just my father, but also my closest friends, who periodically remind me of the good and terrible in my life. Father inspires me to never give up and to constantly strive to improve.

From the parent, no one can be a good guide. Every kid absorbs all of his father’s characteristics, which he has utilized to adapt to various situations throughout his life. He always has a never-ending treasure of of information to share with us. Some of their positive characteristics distinguish them as the most unique people on the planet.




The most essential characteristic that Dad has is that he constantly works with patience and never loses his anger. In any situation, they proceed with calm understanding and patience, even in the most severe situations.


I’ve always heard from my father that we should never lose control of ourselves, no matter what occurs. Daddy always completes each job correctly and with a humble demeanor. They never disturb me or my mum unnecessarily.



Dad instills in us the importance of self-discipline, and they are self-disciplined. Their whole schedule is structured from dawn to night. They wake up early in the morning and commute to and from the workplace for daily job. They also take me for a stroll in the garden every evening. After that, students study all of the school courses.


Dad is serious about all of the household chores, as well as the health of all of the family members. They don’t focus at little details; instead, they take everything seriously and explain it to us.




Dad and the rest of the family adore me, and they make sure that there are no flaws in the home and that all of our requirements are met.

Instead of criticizing children, they choose to explain and explain the repercussions of their errors so that they do not repeat them.

Big Heart

Fathers have a large heart, and when they don’t have enough money, they forget about their own wants in order to fulfill ours, which are often needless.

They never allowed us or our family members have whatever we wanted. Giving. Even if the children do not commit any major errors, Dad always apologizes after expressing his displeasure.

Regarding Father


Dad may not always express his difficulties, but he is constantly attentive to the needs and concerns of the family. The father’s grandeur grows even more as a result of these qualities, and he can no longer be compared to anybody else in the world. Fathers are the true heroes in every child’s life, since they are a given manifestation of God on earth.

They also forget their pleas for giving happiness to their children. They work hard for their children in the night, and they want to give them every facility that they never got. Many times, even in small pay salaries, fathers get absorbed in debt to give good education but never show any trouble in front of children. That’s why fathers are the most important in the world.

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My father was the kindest and most wonderful man I ever knew. He was the kind of father who would give you a lap for a ride and would wipe your tears. He was the kind of father who would play with you in the park and drop you off at school. He was the kind of father who would do anything to make you happy. I miss him every day.. Read more about my dad my hero essay in english in 250 words and let us know what you think.

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