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The purpose of this essay is to provide a narrative that will spark the interest of students and encourage them to write their own essays on different topics.

When it comes to birthday parties, there are many things that you should consider. This essay will discuss how to plan a party for students in 250 words. Read more in detail here: essay on birthday party in 250 words.


When my birthday rolled around, the party began planning for the home. The birthday boy or girl’s/girl’s/boy’s/girl’s/girl’s/girl’s/ girl’s The birthday party is a celebration to pay homage to the birthday boy/girl with an all-important member; the birthday party is a celebration to pay tribute to the birthday boy/girl with an all-important member.


For the birthday celebration, Mother invited the neighbors. On the phone, Dad invited friends and nearby neighbors. My buddies were also asked to see me at home.


The chefs were entrusted with the task of cooking. The visitors were asked to sit on chairs and tables to eat. The home was cleaned and unique decorations were added. The order was placed two days prior to the cake’s arrival.

The Birthday Date Has Arrived


On Republic Day, January 26, 1998, I was born. After all, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a birthday. In the morning, there was a flurry of activity in the home. I went to the temple with my parents to thank God for my thirteenth birthday.

When I worshiped God, the priest placed a tilak on my forehead and blessed me with clarity. The impoverished folks in the temple were given to me by Father.



When we got home, the party preparations for the house had already begun. The chefs were preparing powders, veggies, sweets, raita, and other dishes. The arrival of close family members began. It was nighttime when they installed the guest room. The cake was decorated in the house’s big parlor. On the thirteenth birthday, thirteen candles were lighted, and everyone gathered around the table with the cake.


It’s time to slice the cake.


I’m dressed in new clothing. My classmates and acquaintances visited the home as well. The youngsters from the neighborhood began to congregate in the home. The guests welcomed me with a united voice as I cut the cake. The audience exploded in applause. The cake was given to me by Mother.

Cake, sweets, nibbles, and toffees are also available to all guests. It was a wonderful sight to see. The space was decorated with balloons and paper decorations. A mobile camera was used to record this picture.



I was in the middle of everything today. The watch was a gift from Uncle. Gifts were also given by relatives and friends. Someone donated a set of colors and brushes, someone gave a pen, someone gave a book, and someone gave a sweet.

Gifts were wrapped in gleaming colored sheets. Gifts were strewn around the room. Instead of thanking people for presents, I express my gratitude for them. Instead of well wishes, I’d want to express my gratitude to him. Mom and Dad were occupied with greeting visitors.

It’s dinnertime!

It was now time for the feast. All of the feast’s preparations had been completed. The dinner table was set with flowers. The meal had been prepared by the chef. The visitors were instructed to eat.

I summoned my companions and took a seat in front of the table. Puris, casseroles, vegetables, desserts, and other delicacies were on the menu. By doing so, everyone ate food. Everyone was praising the meal. Everyone was having a good time at the party.

The celebration is over.


It was about nine and a half o’clock at night. Food had been consumed by the visitors. They began bidding one by one. The members of the home sat down and sat together after the visitors had left. The celebration is finished after that. I was overjoyed to see the presents and began to shout. After all, it’s done, and my family and I have gone to sleep.

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The essay on birthday party in 100 words is a great essay for students to read. It talks about the importance of having a good birthday party and what it means for an individual.

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