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Lotus flower is a symbol of purity, beauty and perfection. It has been used in many cultures for its spiritual significance.

The my favourite flower essay for class 2 is an essay on the Lotus Flower.



The lotus flower, for starters, is a sign of purity, beauty, richness, elegance, wealth, and wisdom. The lotus flower is India’s national flower due to its significance and popularity.

The Blossom

Essay-On-Lotus-Flower-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The lotus is India’s national flower, and it is a stunning bloom. It measures 1-3 meters in diameter. It grows in ponds, pools, and reservoirs, among other places. In the midst of the muck, it blossoms. It is primarily an Indian flower, although it is now widely found in other parts of the world.


Since ancient times, it has been regarded as a sign of purity. It has big, round leaves that are somewhat gleaming. It is half submerged and half visible on the water’s surface. It is only available in two colors: white and pink.

The lotus flower blooms for just three days before the petals fall one by one into the water. The petals of a lotus flower are many. Lotus leaves have a silky texture. Lotus seeds are light in color, but when dried, they become a dark black hue.

In India, the Lotus Flower is considered auspicious.

1625966709_839_Essay-On-Lotus-Flower-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The lotus blossom is considered a sign of prosperity since Goddess Laxmi rests on it. The goddess of learning Saraswati Ji coexists with Goddess Brahma on the lotus, which is why it is also regarded as a sign of Gyan.


In Indian tradition, the lotus flower is considered fortunate. From March through August, it blooms. It blooms at dawn, continues to bloom throughout the day, then withers in the sun.

Lotus Flower Applications

1625966709_872_Essay-On-Lotus-Flower-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211In puja Archana, the lotus flower is utilized. It’s a place where people go to worship God. It’s a decorative item. Its many components are utilized in various tasks. This flower is also used to make a variety of medications. Lotus leaves may be used to treat skin conditions.

Lotus honey is excellent for your eyes. The lotus blossom is enormous in size. Although the lotus is generally thought of as an attractive plant with religious significance, it has a wide range of applications.

Plates made of larger leaves are used to carry meals. Food is made from the flower’s stalk and seeds. They also have a variety of medical properties.

A Lotus’s Interesting Facts


  • A lotus flower’s height is just 49 inches, yet its breadth may reach ten feet.
  • Water does not cling to lotus leaves because of their waxy covering, which also helps the bloom resist insects and toxins.
  • Everyone is enthralled by the beauty of lotus blooms.
  • Various languages have different names for the lotus flower.
  • It is a part of our culture and art.
  • Because of the bloom in the mud, no one can break it.
  • Usually, white lotus may be found around Kashi.
  • Lotus is a beautiful and adaptable flower.
  • Because of its significance, it has been designated as a national flower, and the pink-colored lotus has been designated as our national flower.


The kings used to use lotus blossoms to maintain their hair black in the past. The lotus flower is significant because it retains its beauty even when submerged in muck.


The flower paragraph for class 4 is an essay on the Lotus Flower. It’s a beautiful flower that has been used in many different ways.

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