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On this holiday many people are taking rest at home or in their office. But many people are also working hard at their jobs. Not only housewives and students are working, but also employees of banks and factories. There are many reasons to work on this day. Some do this work for the sake of their family and other reasons. But the most important and the most tricky thing is that they have to work in the office even at the time of rest. On this holiday, they don’t like to commit a mistake and they always have to do their work efficiently.

Labor Day is an important day in the United States, which is celebrated on the first Monday of September. The US Labor Day is a federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday of every October. It is considered to be the unofficial end of summer and the start of the fall season. It is marked by the last Monday in September. The term Labor Day was first used in 1882 by Samuel Gompers, the president of the American Federation of Labor, in reference to the celebration of the workers.

On this day, people all around the world are celebrating “Labour Day”. Labour Day is a day to honour labour. It is observed on the first Monday in September. It is a state holiday in many countries of the world. Reason for celebration is because on this day in 1882, a new international labour organization walked into the world on the occasion of the 1st international labour conference in Geneva.



Labor Day is observed in a number of nations across the globe. This is the only day that is devoted only to the laboring class.

What Was The Origin And History Of In India, it is Labor Day. 

Essay-On-Labour-Day-For-Class-4th-Students-In-EasyFor the first time, Labour Day was observed in India on May 1st. The kings’ party of Hindustan labors staged this festival in the Indian state of Madras. On this day, comrade Singaravelar arranged two gatherings at various locations throughout the state.


One of them was arranged by the Triplicate Beach, while another was held along the beach, just across from the Madras High Court. The government must designate this day a national holiday by adopting a resolution declaring it such.

India’s Labor Day is commemorated in several states throughout the country. 

1625966826_179_Essay-On-Labour-Day-For-Class-4th-Students-In-EasyAntrarashriya Shramik is the name given to India’s Labour Day, which is also known as Kamgar Din. However, various states in India have distinct names for this day.

In Tamil, it was referred to as Uzhaipalar Dhinam, while in Malayalam, it was referred to as Thozhilaali denim, and in Kannada, it was referred to as Karmikara Dinacharane.


In Maharashtra, Maharashtra Day is observed on May 1st, while in Gujrat, Gujrat Day is observed on May 1st. Maharashtra and Gujrat became independent states in 1960.

Which Countries Are They? Labor Day is an annual holiday in the United States. 

1625966827_52_Essay-On-Labour-Day-For-Class-4th-Students-In-EasyMany nations across the globe commemorate Labor Day. The celebration of Labor Day is observed in a number of nations.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, Ghana, Libya, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Uganda, Somalia, and other nations across the globe observe Labor Day. The holiday is celebrated on a different day in each of these countries.

If we celebrate in Australia, the celebrations vary per country. Whereas some areas of Australia commemorate this day in the month of October, others celebrate it in the months of March or even May.

This day is observed in Bangladesh during the month of April, and many other nations observe it under a different name and on a different day and time.


The history and origins of Labor Day differ from nation to country. Laborers and trade unions in many nations have been fighting for a long time. On this day, protests were held and rallies were held.

It took a long time for the government to pass legislation to address the unfair treatment of the working class. It is a moment to remember those who battled for worker rights and brought about change.

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