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Independence Day is a day to celebrate the freedom of the United States. It’s also a time to reflect on what it means to be free and what sacrifices were made for that freedom.

The essay on independence day in 1000 words is a short essay that discusses the importance of Independence Day. It includes a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



For many Indians, Independence Day is a joyous occasion. Because India was under British control until August 15, 1947, when it gained independence, it is an important day in Indian history and is commemorated as Independence Day. It’s a national celebration. As the celebration approaches, every Indian is brimming with vigor and pride.


Independence-Day-Essay-In-Kannada-For-Students-038-Children-InEvery individual has the right to live freely, yet the Mughals and later the British took away our Indian independence. For many years, the British controlled India. They began to persecute Indians. The primary goal of the British was to create an atmosphere that suited them.



Essay-On-Independence-Day-For-Class-5-Students-8211-ReadTo liberate India from British control, many heroic Indian independence warriors gave their lives. Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad were both killed at a young age. There were also many female freedom fighters who came out of their homes to join the struggle.

Finally, Gandhiji chose the road of nonviolence and truth to liberate India from the tyranny of the British. The nonviolent campaign led by Bapus succeeded in forcing the British to leave India, and the day they left is commemorated as Independence Day.

When India gained independence, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was appointed as the country’s first Prime Minister. Our nation’s father is Mahatma Gandhi.



Essay-On-Status-Of-Women-In-India-For-Students-InOn Independence Day, everyone dresses up in their patriotism. In Delhi, the most magnificent event takes place. The event draws a large crowd to Red Fort. At the Red Fort, the Indian army, navy, and airforce, as well as police officers, conduct a parade.

The flag-hoisting ceremony is performed by our country’s prime minister. The national anthem is played after the flag is hoisted. At the occasion, many more patriotic songs are performed.

On this fortunate day for the nation’s growth, our respective Prime Minister makes a speech. Many other politicians share this sentiment for the improvement of all people’s futures.

Independence Day is commemorated across India, including at the Red Fort. Students enthusiastically and devoutly executed the program at school and college. The flag is hoisted by the chairman at a school or institution. The institute’s principals deliver a lecture on how the great leader battled for freedom. Later, the pupils are treated to a patriotic song and sweets are given.

On this auspicious day, everyone becomes completely dedicated to their home country, whether they are adults or students. The day’s first wind serves as a reminder of the leader’s sacrifice. We are only able to live freely in India because of them. As time goes on, we begin to grow ourselves.


We must constantly appreciate and preserve the freedom that we have as a result of that great leader. It is never acceptable to abuse one’s freedom in order to harm another being. It is also necessary to work hard in order to make India a progressive and developed country.

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The independence day essay 10 lines is a short essay on what Independence Day means to the author.

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