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Pollution is a major problem in the world. It has been proven to have a negative impact on our health and environment. But how can we control pollution? In this essay, I will discuss some ways that you can reduce your pollution footprint.

The as a student how can you help prevent or control pollution essay is an essay on how to control pollution for students. It is written in easy words so that it can be read by any student.



Today, the world is dealing with a slew of issues caused by pollution throughout the world, which has resulted in considerable loss of human life and damage to our country’s environment.

Pollution is solely caused by humans, and as a result, nature is suffering greatly.


Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, and soil contamination are all examples of pollution that damage nature and people.

A suitable measure for the control of pollution in the nation should be adopted, and this will be achievable if everyone thinks about nature.

Pollution and Controls

Pollution in the Air

Essay-On-Pollution-For-Class-5-Students-In-Easy-WordsThe emissions of gases and carbon monoxide caused the area to suffer greatly, and as a result, there have been numerous deaths as a result of the hazardous gas emissions. This is something that large enterprises and factories do.

Some of the air pollution management methods that have been implemented

When possible, people should use their cars, bikes, and other vehicles less since fewer chemical gas emissions will help to maintain the balance of air pollution.

At home or at work, we should constantly consider energy conservation.

We should refrain from burning leaves, tires, and other items.

Industrialization should take appropriate steps in order to assist reduce air pollution.


Pollution of the water supply

1625965349_462_Essay-On-Pollution-For-Class-5-Students-In-Easy-WordsThe industrial pipes are linked for the disposal of wastewater in the clean water river in the seas, lakes, and rivers. This not only pollutes the river, but it also puts the lives of the fish in risk. As a consequence, water contamination occurs.

Some of the water pollution management methods that have been implemented

The term “wastewater cleaning” refers to the process of removing pollutants from water using chemical and biological techniques.

Because 80 percent of plastic has developed land sources under the sea, strong action should be taken against its usage. As a result, the water becomes contaminated.

 Pollution of the Soil

1625965350_699_Essay-On-Pollution-For-Class-5-Students-In-Easy-WordsSoil contamination is mostly caused by the overuse of fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and other chemicals used in the growing of trees and crops. This is one of the most common sources of soil contamination.

Some of the steps done to combat soil contamination include:

To transform contaminants into innocuous products, bioremediation (microbes) and phytoremediation (plants) may be employed. Soil cleansing should take place in order to reduce soil contamination.

The forest should be well maintained. When there are many trees in a forest, the soil does not deteriorate. As a result, forest management should be sustainable.

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The air pollution essay 2000 words is an essay on how to control pollution for students. It’s written in easy words so it can be easily understood by everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we control pollution essay?

The best way to reduce pollution is to stop producing it.

How can we control pollution 10 lines?

There are many ways to help reduce pollution. One way is by recycling and reusing materials instead of throwing them away.

How do we control the pollution?

We are not sure what you mean by how do we control the pollution?

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