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Electricity is a fundamental part of our lives. It provides us with light, heat, and power to run machines in all aspects of life. In the modern world, electricity is a necessity for many people in order to survive.

The essay on electricity in 100 words is an essay written by a student about the basics of electricity.


Electricity may be defined as the existence and flow of electric charge currents, as well as the movement of electrons via conductors like copper wires. We may say that electricity is the primary item or the powerhouse through which all things such as machinery, industries, and many electrical things operate, and that there is nothing in today’s world without electricity.

Electricity may also be generated by natural processes. Electricity was produced naturally via the usage of water, and we may utilize it throughout our lives thanks to natural resources like water. Electricity is utilized in many things, and there are primarily two kinds of electricity: static electricity and dynamic electricity. Static electricity is used when the chargers are stationary, and dynamic electricity is used when the chargers move. Electricity may be produced in two forms: positive and negative. It can also be generated by power plants. Water from natural resources is also used in the generation of energy. The other kind of electricity that may be produced is lightning, however this type of lightning is very hazardous since it generates a large number of volts that can cause damage.


Electricity’s Applications



In today’s society, electricity is the primary item that people use, and its purpose is to eliminate darkness from people’s lives. In the past, there was no electricity, so people had to rely on candles and fire, and they couldn’t use the things that we use now that are powered by electricity. Electronic items such as televisions, computers, and many other items that run on electricity would not be able to function if there was no power. Today, the computer is the most widely used electronic device in the world; with computers, people can do anything at any time, and electricity is required to run the computer. Electricity powers all industry equipment, and in today’s world, electricity is used for the majority of labor.

Is Electricity Harmful?


Electricity is very beneficial to humans, but it also has a number of drawbacks. For example, a large quantity of current flowing through the wires may produce a large shock, causing individuals to lose their lives. Because we utilize standard lines, a short circuit may occur at any moment. As a result, we must constantly be aware of electricity and maintain a safe distance from it. When the voltage in the wire is high enough, a person might be shocked if they touched it with their bare hands. Many individuals have died as a result of electrically induced death, such as on trains, where many people perished while a train runs at high voltages and anybody who is touched by it dies. We should make use of power, but not to the point where it causes damage to our lives.

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The importance of electricity essay 200 words is a short essay written by the author to give students an insight into how important electricity is.

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