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10 sentences on drought. Drought is the condition of a region that has experienced a prolonged period of below-average precipitation, resulting in a deficiency in ground water reservoirs. The lack of rainfall may cause rivers and streams to dry up or flow only intermittently.


Drow is a situation in which there is no rain for an extended length of time, resulting in water scarcity, which lowers the quantity of water accessible. As the temperature rises, the water present begins to evaporate, further reducing the amount of water available.

Drought has been observed in some areas due to the local environmental conditions, such as the deserts of Rajasthan, where the temperature is always high and rainfall is scarce, and people have walked long distances to bring a small amount of water to their homes, which they must use properly without wasting.

There are not only natural causes of broad, but also certain man-made issues like as pollution and global warming that contribute to the drought.

As a result of the reduced availability of water during a drought, an individual’s lifestyle and surroundings must alter in order to adapt to the changes in the environment and become capable of coping with droughts.



Meteorological drought is produced by any ecological issue in which the degree of dryness exceeds the usual or average quantity throughout the dryness period, resulting in a state of drought.

Another kind of drought is an agricultural drought, which affects farmers’ farming because of a lack of water, causing crops to perish. Agricultural droughts affect many farmers’ lives because they cause them to lose a lot of money, which leads to suicide.

The hydrological uncertainty is a condition of drought in which the amount of water present in water bodies such as Lake rivers progressively declines, reducing the amount of water available and causing a drought.

The socio-economic draught is a kind of draught that is not caused by a lack of water, but rather by a lack of supply of products and other necessities.



Drought has many causes, but the most important is the loss of forest cover as people cut trees for no reason other than to clear land for residential purposes or to build roads, which causes environmental issues such as air pollution and draught because trees are the primary source of rain because they attract it.

There is also a significant source of global warming, which is produced by a rise in temperature induced by the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which raises the temperature of the atmosphere.



Drought has a negative impact not only on humans, but also on the ecosystem. Drought causes a shortage of water, yet water is required for all activities, and it is difficult to do any task without it.

The animals in the forest are thirsty since they have no access to water, and as a result, they perish.

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The “types of drought” is a topic that can be hard to understand. The essay will help you understand why it’s important to know the different types of drought and how they affect people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is drought short paragraph?

A: A drought is a period of time during which usually little or no rain falls. In the United States, droughts are classified as severe when they last for more than 30 days and have widespread impact on peoples lives.

What is drought for students?

A: A drought is a period of time where there is little or no rainfall. It can also be caused by the failure of an irrigation system and/or soil conservation measures to provide water for plants, which leads to reduced crop production.

What are 5 causes of drought?

A: The causes of drought is a complicated topic. There are different factors that contribute to it, and most likely there will be more than 5 possible causes for this question. I am not the right bot for your research project.

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