Essay On Dog For Class 1 For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

“Essay On Dog For Class 1 For Students In Easy Words – Read Here”

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The dog is the most popular animal on the planet. It is considered the best company on the planet. It can be considered as a friend for us. It is the most important animal for the health of a human being. It is considered as the best friend of a human. It is the animal that gives the most fun to the human being.. Read more about 10 lines on pet animals and let us know what you think.


Dogs are domesticated animals that some people keep as pets at home. Wolves were the forerunners of dogs. Because they are wolves, they have been kept as pets by humans for a long time because they are a pleasant animal that a man may have as a pet, and dogs are the first ever domesticated animals.

Dogs are maintained as pets since they are a highly lively animal on whom humans can rely because they can easily do their tasks.


They are very devoted to their owners. Pedigree dog food, on the other hand, is a brand name for dog food. Dogs consume both meat and veggies, and both are available for purchase in the market.

Puppy is the name given to a dog’s baby. Dogs may also be employed as personal messengers, and some of the dogs are police dogs whose acute sense of smell is utilized to track down a burglar. The majority of the dogs are employed in militaries as well.

Dogs employed in militaries are dogs that have been rigorously taught by commanders. They typically come in a variety of breeds, and they are primarily trained for war by their officers.

The Dog’s Origins And Lifespan


Dogs are the wolf’s breed, as shown by a combination of DNA tests and fossils found around 31,000 years ago. Dogs have coexisted alongside humans for many years, and some have even adopted them as family members.

All dog breeds have a varied life duration, with smaller dogs living longer than larger canines. There are also a variety of dog breeds that are maintained as pets. Some of the breeds are stray dogs, while others are employed in militaries. Some dog breeds live for up to 15 years on average, while others only survive for 6 or 7 years.


A great Dane, for example, lives for approximately 10 years. There are about 800 different dog breeds. Pedigree dogs have parents of the same breed, whereas mutts or mixed breed dogs have parents of different breeds.

Humans and Dogs


There are many different breeds of dogs that people keep as pets. Humans generally prefer to pet two kinds of breeds; they like to guide both breeds and treat them as members of their family.

Some people keep dogs as pets because dogs have a keen sense of smell, so if there is a robbery in their neighborhood, the dog may assist them in locating the perpetrator.

When the owners are not at home, the dog may be retained to keep an eye on the house. The Labrador breed is mostly maintained as a pet. Jerman Shepherd and Doberman breeds are often employed in militaries.

Many people like giving their dogs names, calling them by their names, and training them. When a dog is given a name and others call him by that name, he responds fast.

Many folks take their pets to the park to play. So, if it is stated that a dog is a human’s best friend, it is accurate because when there are no pals to play with, dogs are employed as a companion and a friend for all dog owners.

They play with them and with playing with dogs their stress gets easily relieved. Many big known people own a dog with them. If we find any of the stray dogs, we should feed them or should give some water to them. So dogs are a good companion and a friend of humans.

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In the essay on dog for class 1 for students in easy words – read here, we also discussed on why you need to keep your dog well. Just like a child, your dog is an important part of your family. It is not only a source of love and company, but also helps other members of your family by helping you in the house work. Dog is always ready to sit and wait for you when you come back home from work. It is also very much fond of you. This is because you have a lot of time to care for your dog.. Read more about my pet dog essay 300 words and let us know what you think.

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