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Corruption as a serious problem

The problem of corruption: A wise man once said that a rich man is just a poor man with money. We can infer this from what we see in the practice of daily life. Corruption has always existed in India and is in fact a consequence of human nature. We are imperfect beings, and it is only in human psychology that they are more prone to the negative. Sometimes this trait makes us feel like some things we shouldn’t do are normal. Corruption is another such problem. It existed in society as a thread woven into the fabric. Everyone wants to make money any way they can. People always want to save money, and surprisingly, this has become an open secret, even for high-ranking officials with social status. Not surprisingly, all these bigwigs are also involved in unscrupulous activities to earn extra greenbacks. It is wrong to believe that lack of money is the root of all evil. Not nearly enough money to satisfy anyone’s greed.

Example of corruption

There are different types of corruption. Unfortunately, students and the education system are not immune to corruption either. Job losses, manipulation of results to benefit the rich who are willing to pay large sums of money, etc. – All of this is the order of the day today. Take the example of the contribution of VYAPM-skam or the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC). It is clear that these big scams are due to the links between bureaucratic elites, political leaders, etc. Political corruption, such as the levying of taxes, intimidation of the weaker sections of the population to obtain the votes of unscrupulous leaders, has also taken place in the past. Such scenes are also depicted in films. There are so many adulterants in food these days. Only the consumer knows what he is eating. Rising prices are a problem in themselves. And by paying these high amounts that the traders have set in their sweet will, they get so much fake food. Even baby food and medicine are not free.

Corruption as the worst form of corruption

Corruption is the worst kind of corruption !!! It is amazing that people are no longer afraid or ashamed to admit that they take or give bribes. To get the loan or have the paperwork done, we have to pay something under the table. Even the most deserving are not paid for their work unless they are paid lavishly by a high official. This deprives many deserving students of good jobs. It is a fact that corruption was the order of the day in the past. But now we have to pay illegally, even for the good stuff. So where do we get the money from? Not everyone is able to put their hand in their pocket in an emergency and be sure of the possessions they keep in their locker. It’s just a reality that sometimes people are even willing to sell or pawn their only asset to bribe someone. But don’t think the job is done. Corruption has a long history and has become such an integral part of the system that it is very difficult to get out of it or to eradicate its ills.

Corruption in the public sector

Corruption in the public system can only be contained if measures are taken to reduce it. It must be more transparent and accountable. There is no doubt that at the lower levels of government, money going into social assistance programs is seeping into corruption. That’s the root cause. Indians need to learn to be stronger and more enlightened to raise their voice against anything negative happening around them. Guilt should lead to a more severe penalty or punishment. And to some extent, the low wages in the public service should also be controlled, because people are forced to take bribes at certain times. Money talks everywhere. So sometimes, without a good person, you get sucked into corruption.


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frequently asked questions

What is corruption in the essay on India?

Corruption is closely related to bribery, i.e. making or receiving a profit for an illegal activity. Corruption is gradually taking hold in all sectors of Indian society. Corruption is a cancer that is not confined to any particular political party. It infects the entire community.

What is depraved language?

By corruption we mean any dishonest or immoral conduct or activity that benefits a powerful organization or person. … Thus, corruption often leads to the weakest part of the society or organization being at the end of its rope. There are different forms of corruption.

What is an English essay about corruption?

Corruption Essay – Corruption refers to a form of criminal activity or dishonesty. It is a malicious act by an individual or a group. Above all, this act threatens the rights and privileges of others. In addition, corruption mainly includes activities such as bribery or embezzlement.


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