Essay On Corruption In India In English For Students & Children

Students and children can learn about corruption in India. This essay is intended to introduce them to the various aspects of this issue that they may be unaware of, such as who commits it, why people do it, what tools are used for when committing these crimes and how much money does one get if caught.

Corruption is a big problem in India today. It has caused many problems for the country, and it will continue to do so unless something is done about it. This essay discusses corruption in India in English for students and children. Read more in detail here: corruption essay in english pdf download.

Corruption is a societal issue, or a social illness, that has spread its affects on people’s brains, and as a result of this corruption, people’s minds have been severely harmed. This issue of corruption is increasing in a society day by day since no one is born to engage in such activities, but these societies compel them to do so, and they are usually forced to do so because of their poor living conditions.

It is a more dangerous illness that has been spreading among many individuals in society, and as a result, people are doing bad actions and endangering their lives. There are many reasons of corruption, and political leaders are usually engaged in these programs of corruption. They mostly do corruption instead of serving the country correctly, since they work for their own interests and do not consider the needs of the citizens.

In A Society, Corruption


When there is corruption in society, trust, faith, and honesty in mankind are eroded, and as a result, there will be no trust amongst people since the lessons and values that we have been taught are no longer applicable.

Most laws and rules enacted by the government are only followed by sincere people, and many people, in their greed for more money, have broken the rules and engaged in corruption for more money as a result of their family problems. When a person works for the government and earns a low salary, he is tempted to engage in corruption as a result of his family’s financial difficulties, but this is not the best way to economize.

Because there are many impoverished people, politicians take advantage of them by promising them great things in the future and giving them money, which they accept and use to carry out all of the political parties’ unlawful activities, which halts the country’s growth.

Anti-corruption movements


Many movements are being undertaken to combat the issue of corruption, as many people stand up and speak out against it. This has impacted the government, which has announced a number of measures to address the problem of corruption.Essay-On-Corruption-In-India-In-English-For-Students-038

The government introduces the Jan Lokpal Bill, which would include an inquiry into India’s ugly face, corruption. Many bills are being drafted by the new committee, and as a result, the public has become more interested in the government and has begun to support the Prime Minister. As a result, many people are being caught red-handed in the act of corruption, and this may signal the end of corruption in the society.

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In India, there is a lot of corruption. This essay will discuss the causes and effects of this corruption in India. Reference: corruption essay 1000 words.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is corruption in India essay?

A: Corruption in India refers to the widespread unethical behavior of public officials and other people in positions of power, such as businessmen or politicians.

What is corruption in simple words essay?

A: Corruption is the misuse of public office for private gain. It can take several forms, such as bribery and extortion in which people try to obtain wealth through illegal means.

What are the causes of corruption in our country essay?

A: There are a few causes of corruption in our country, including lack of regulation from the government and the power struggle between large corporations.

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