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The Indian government is trying to make India a better place for the people. They are doing this by implementing various programs and policies that will help the country become cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable. This essay will explore how these policies are being implemented in schools across India.


The Swachh Bharat Campaign is another name for the Clean India Mission. It is a campaign led by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s 145th birthday on October 2, 2014, at Rajghat in New Delhi.

This effort includes building latrines, keeping India clean, encouraging sanitation, and cleaning roads, streets, and other areas. The new government of India’s motto is “clean India, green India,” which includes programs in rural areas.

On the opening page of the countdown for January, Modi is shown welding a broom to sweep a roadside.

Cleanliness is second only to godliness, and it entails preserving order both physically and psychologically.

India’s Clean and Healthy Advantages


Cleaning is good for our plant and good for the health of the people who use the cleaning product.

Natural components assist to reduce the amount of irritation and allergic responses in the eyes and skin.

You may reduce the quantity of chemical that enters the bloodstream by utilizing all-natural cleaning solutions, leading in less issues with the sensuous and respiratory systems.

Green cleaning products will reduce pollution inside your house by 2-5 times less than pollution outside of your home.

Because the components are mostly household things, the cost of utilizing natural materials to make cleaning solutions is cheaper than purchasing conventional, chemical-filled goods.

Using green cleaning solutions eliminates the need for petroleum, which is good for the future since petroleum is a nonrenewable resource.

All of the chemicals in ordinary cleaning products were disposed of by flushing them down the drain, which has an effect on animal habitats and our drinking water.

Manufacturers that deal in green products are on the increase. As a result, green cleaning products are becoming more widely available.

Clean and Healthy Indian Disadvantages


When healthy cleaning solutions are utilized, the cleaning is less harsh, which means it takes longer to clean.

Manufacturers of cleaning products are not obliged to disclose all of the components on the label, thus there may be incorrect or missing substances.

Brands that are branded as “eco” and “environmentally friendly” have been investigated. According to the research, dioxin, a cancer-causing chemical, was found in approximately half of the one hundred items examined.

Green cleaning may occur on occasion, leaving wet surfaces susceptible to mold or offensive smells.

Purchasing commercial green cleaning products is more expensive than purchasing traditional, hazardous cleaning chemicals.

Because green cleaning products do not have the same strong odor as hazardous cleaning products, users may not believe their homes are as clean as they would be if they used dangerous cleaning products.


People should realize that maintaining high standards of cleanliness and housekeeping is a continuous and never-ending task that will only happen if we have to be done, clear room status, and finest room cleaning method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write clean and healthy essay in India?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What can I do for a Clean India essay?

You can talk about how you would like to help clean India and make it a better place.

What is the meaning of clean and healthy India?

Clean is a state of being free from dirt or impurities. Healthy is having good physical and mental health. India is a country in South Asia, which has some of the highest living standards in the world.

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