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The Chennai Flood of 2015 was a natural disaster that occurred in the Indian city of Chennai on 29th December, 2015. It is considered as one of the worst floods in recent history and has been described as “the worst flood in 100 years”.

The essay about chennai for students in english is an essay written by a student who has been through the Chennai Flood 2015.


Nature is considered to be the most powerful force on the planet. It does not leave anybody when it rains, but the impact of an outbreak may decrease a person’s efforts. However, in the supposed progress of the past several decades, the individual has disregarded the horrors of nature.

Chennai is flooded.

Essay-On-Chennai-Flood-2015-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsAs a consequence, in 2015, when a severe flood hit Chennai, it became known as the metropolis known as the metropolis. Life has come to a halt. The tsunami in Mumbai, the devastation in Kedarnath, and the tragedy in Srinagar are just a few of the signs that we are seeing one after another.



In the development of cities, water management and drainage systems were not prioritized. The water that has the potential to become nectar is flowing needlessly and has become a victim of destruction, none of which is our fault. Chennai.

The Environment Has Changed

1625969384_166_Essay-On-Chennai-Flood-2015-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsIt is essential to examine two things in order to comprehend the deluge. First, is the Chennai tidal wave the consequence of upcoming environmental changes? Second, what steps were done in Tamil Nadu to address the floods of urban planning?

The occurrence in Chennai may potentially be a consequence of climate change, or it could be due to current rainy season, which is breaking records for the past 100 years, implying that similar rains occurred a century ago. Such occurrences have happened in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Due to changes in the environment, there will be a small increase in these occurrences.

It’s Difficult To Decide


However, after you’ve completed it, it’s clear that he’ll break into your home, business, and school. Houses, malls, and flats have been built in these reservoirs, demonstrating that there is no such thing as a good design for settling any city.

Initiative by the government


The current administration has said that the nation would have 100 smart cities. If the water extraction system is not properly set up during the settlement of those new cities, catastrophes will multiply. Schemes. The legislation was passed in 2007 to preserve the pond and to prevent unlawful encroachment, but its effect has yet to be observed.

Resources of Water

Essay-On-Scarcity-Of-Water-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsIn 1980, there were more than 600 water sources, according to Environment and Water Resources Engineering, Chennai. However, when the master plan was released in 2008, it said that nearly all of the ponds had degraded to the point of being unusable.

Thousands of slum huts have been built around these water bodies, putting an extra strain on the drainage system – as shown by the continual erosion of water resources, an insufficient drainage system, and a steady loss of vegetation.


It is believed that no preparations have been taken in terms of municipal planning to deal with the flood. While Tamil Nadu in India is experiencing floods, several industrialized nations are seeing severe snowfall.

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The chennai flood case study pdf is an essay on the Chennai Flood 2015 that was written in easy words for students.

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