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When we think of animals, birds are usually the first that come to our mind. They are small, beautiful, colorful, and graceful. Maybe you have already noticed how much they have sculpted the whole landscape of the world. But what you may not have noticed is how much they have also changed our lives.

Birds are not only beautiful and fascinating for us, but they are also helpful to us. They are very important to us especially in our daily life and work. For example, they help humans in the farming. They also help us in cooking. We gather the eggs of these birds from our kitchen. Moreover, their feathers are used in the making of many things like in making of the coat.

You love birds. You love watching them in the woods and fields. But you are a student and your school does not allow you to go on field trips or have bird books under your desk. What do you do?. Read more about essay on birds 100 words and let us know what you think.


In our planet, there are many different kinds of animals. In our planet, there are many various kinds of species such as birds, animals, insects, and many more.

All of these animals are beautiful in their own right. Birds are animals that have the ability to soar quite far in the sky. Birds, on the other hand, tend to walk less and fly more.


Only birds and insects have the ability to soar high into the sky. They have the ability to fly through the air.

When birds are born, no one teaches them how to fly; instead, they acquire the ability of flying on their own.

Nature’s Beauty-Birds


Nature’s beauty is represented by birds. In today’s globe, there are many various kinds of bird species to be found.

Birds such as sparrows, parrots, pigeons, and crows are some of the various kinds of birds that may be found in India.

These various bird species have amazing structures and a variety of color hues.

These many bird species have various tints, sizes, colors, and other characteristics, and each species is largely distinct from the others. The peacock is one of the most gorgeous birds of all the kinds.

India’s national bird is the peacock. Birds typically seek for food by flying far into the sky. They make their nest on ta ree or on the roofs of several of the buildings.

Birds travel thousands of kilometers in quest of food to feed their young and their stomachs.


They fly from their nest at the start of each new day and return to their nest at the end of the day with some food for themselves.

Their Independence1625969587_793_Essay-On-Birds-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-Read

Birds like flying, but many people now want to keep them as pets in their homes. Many individuals capture the birds and confine them to cages. Birds’ ability to fly is harmed when they are kept in cages, and they do not have the freedom they want.

To remain in the cage, they typically feel smothered. Even though we provide them food and water from time to time, they prefer to fly since flying in the wide air is their freedom rather than being confined in a cage.

Some birds that have the ability to soar high in the sky are frightened of the humans who live in civilization because they have been injured or even killed by hunting.

We have taken away their ability to fly as a result of this hunting and capturing of birds.

Birds are also beneficial to environment since they are the first to notice any natural changes in the climate. Birds often fly in flocks.

Birds attempt to inform humans what is going to happen in nature by their actions. Nonetheless, we capture them for our own amusement, which is a serious crime in and of itself.

Animal homicide is a serious crime in our culture. Birds are a natural wonder of the earth, and they should not be killed or confined in cages since they also want to fly free.

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Birds are one of the finest creatures that exist on earth. They are the most natural and the most beautiful creatures to be found in the whole world. They have the ability to reproduce with each other and produce their own offspring. But unfortunately, many birds have been ruined due to the rapid development and deforestation of the world. But, we cannot do anything about this. We have to get used to the fact that the environment we live in is not as nice as what we used to be.. Read more about indian birds essay and let us know what you think.

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