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Basketball is a sport that has been around for over 100 years. It was first created by an African-American from New Orleans, Louisiana in 1891. Basketball is the most popular ball game on Earth and there are over 400 million people who play it each year across North America. In this essay, you will learn about basketball through its history as well as why it’s so important to society today

“10 lines on basketball” is a short essay that discusses the history of basketball and how it has evolved over time. The essay also includes some basic information about the sport, as well as advice for those who are new to playing it.


It is a team sport in which two teams, usually consisting of five players each, compete against each other on a rectangular field. This sport is popular all over the world and is played with a round, usually orange, bouncing ball.

Purpose of playing basketball

The main goal of basketball is to score more points and more points than other teams to win. And this is possible by throwing the ball into the basket. A basket can be worth 1, 2 or 3 points. If you throw the ball into the opponent’s basket, you score points.

Game control

Two teams play basketball with 5 players from each team on the court. The maximum number of players on the bench varies from league to league. In international matches, a maximum of 7 players may sit on the bench, so the roster consists of 12 players.

Middle and high school teams with 15 players per team. To enter the field of play, the players wait until they receive a signal from the referee.

Basic equipment

in a rectangle where play is on a court and where at both end lines there is a round basket, the bottom of which is cut out, there is a goal called a hoop The following elements are necessary in every basketball game.

A basketball is essential, we can’t play without it. If the ball is not there, what happens?

A basketball court is also needed.

A basket in the basket, and a plate.

Rules of basketball

Of the four different courts that make up a basketball game, twelve minutes are mandatory in the National Basketball Association, but only ten minutes at the general level.

At the beginning of each quarter, only the team with the arrow points to the side of the hoop to put the ball in. The arrow was then switched and the next team got the ball in the next quarter.

After a goal is scored, a player from one team may try to stop the ball from the other team during play. If a player does something illegal during the game, it is considered a foul.

No one may attempt to block a free throw, which is a shot. One point for each successful free throw. Players can do three things with the ball they dribble, i.e. bounce the ball, pass the ball to their teammate, or throw the ball into the hoop.

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The “short note on basketball” is a short essay that talks about the importance of basketball in society. It also has some interesting facts for students to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is basketball short essay?

A: Basketball is a sport that has been around for thousands of years. Its played by two teams on a rectangular court, and it involves players attempting to score points by shooting the ball through the hoops at either end of the field using hands rather than their feet. Sportspersons identify as basketball players or simply athletes who play this game. Some other sports such as Canadian football are also called basketball in North America because they involve running with an inflatable tube while swinging it between legs and jockeying for possession before throwing it over one shoulder and under another arm, but these variations do not have anything to do with basketball itself

What is basketball in a paragraph?

A: Ball is a type of hit, thrown or kicked object with a round shape and made from leather. It is used in games such as basketball, football, rugby league and volleyball.

How do you explain basketball?

A: Basketball is a popular sport which has two teams of five players that race around the court to try and score points by throwing, dunking, shooting or hanging on the rim. There are 10 seconds allowed per quarter for each team to shoot multiple times at baskets located 5 feet from either end of the court before alternating who gets first possession.

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