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The world is becoming more and more corrupt. There are more and more reports of corruption in the media everyday. It is becoming a very common phenomenon. We can see the correlation between corruption and the rising cases of cheating, bribery and other types of misconduct in the education. Various institutes in the country are being involved in corruption.

The world is becoming more and more corrupt every day. And the only way to save it is to fight against corruption. We have a good example of the corruption and dishonesty in politics in our government. The politicians are the corrupt ones. They are dishonest and they use their power to get money which they waste in the government. In order to fight against this, we need to be more educated so that we can understand the issues which need to be addressed more effectively.

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All throughout the globe, corruption has been spared. The country is ranked 81st out of 180 nations in Transparency International’s 2017 Corruption Perception Index. The Indian government’s entitlement programs and social expenditure initiatives are the biggest contributors to corruption.

Corruption is a major issue in India, with serious consequences for the rule of law and access to justice. What information do you require?


History reveals that it was present even in the Mauryan period. It was even in or Chhatrapati Shivaji & Mughal period and many more years ago too. Indirect conversation towards giving, accepting, offering, receiving is illegal. What does ‘Anti-Corruption’ means?


Its goal is to eliminate or deter dishonest or Froud behavior, particularly in the political realm. Any individual who asks, gets, accepts, provides, or otherwise offers any sort of inappropriate benefit regarding a job, office, or assignment will be considered corrupt.

Offering or receiving cash, personal perks, or other services may all be considered advantages. Now, corruption has made its way into the administration, where members of the government are more concerned with advancing their own selfish interests than with the interests of the people.

It may be found in both public and private organizations, and it affects everyone from the clerk to the CEO of a business in some manner.

Corruption is an issue in our nation, INDIA, where Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, and Lal Bahadur Shastri were born and lead a value-based society. Some employees, such as clerks, peons, and cleaners, accept minor bribes from visitors to the office so that their job is completed early or for another meeting, and they do not have to wait in line or waste their own time. Indirect bribery are also allowed at temples, when bribe-paying devotees are given precedence in visiting the shrine over others.

Pandits solicit contributions for the temple, Pooja, and other rituals.

Bikers/car or truck drivers also pay traffic cops if they are caught breaking traffic laws.

Even if there is no error, traffic cops and police officers may seek a bribe in order to meet their goals.

Another example is when politicians offer/distribute payments to the ‘’Samanya Janata” in order to get votes.

Parents often pay bribes to get their children accepted to schools and universities. If no one pays for the job, it is almost certain that it will not be completed. Nobody, even higher-ranking officials, can be regarded devoid of corruption. There is no such institution, temple, organization…. rather, there is no one location that is not corrupt in some manner. It’s similar to how cancer has spread across society over time, rather than being so widespread and pervasive suddenly.

However, the issue arises as to whether or not an anti-corruption campaign can be launched. Will it be successful if yes? The solution is contingent on both the government and people adopting anti-corruption measures. It is critical that we all refrain from accepting or giving bribes in any manner. This is the basis upon which any anti-corruption efforts will be built.

Mr. Anna Hazare, for example, is a vocal opponent of the current political system. He believes that the Lokpal Bill should be passed by both chambers of parliament, as a consequence of which all ministers and members of parliament would be held accountable to the law. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal also backed the campaign, which was initially effective since it raised awareness among people about the need of passing the Lokpal law. However, the movement collapsed in the latter phases when the Lokpal bill failed to pass.


Corruption is a sickness that all citizens should strive to combat by all means necessary. Today, India is saddled with huge debts from industrialized nations only because to the actions of a few corrupt leaders. It is estimated that if the money placed by Indian politicians at the Swiss Bank of Switzerland returns to India, not only would India be free of all debts, but the increasing prices of various goods will also fall.


No action taken against them despite complaints and ample evidence of abuse of office atrocities due to their unrestricted powers. Governance must at the very least assist in the prevention of corruption and the punishment of corrupt individuals by putting measures in place to rectify the problem.

For ministerial level, Prime Minister must give amenities that we ‘Aam Janata’ already have. Why do ministers get a monthly mobile allowance of Rs. 15,000/- when the company provides Rs. 350/- monthly unlimited calling including STD + 20GB 4G data, a food plate for them in the range of Rs. 15/- approx. if they can afford it, travel allowances if they can afford it, house rent if they own it, and government cars if they can travel like us?

We all pay taxes to keep our county running, not to line their own wallets. On top of that, they forget the promises they made during the election. Sarfarosh is a film in which bribes are evident at every turn. Even a tipper who pays police officers gratuities accepts a bribe. Cops will also pay a bribe to a tipster in order to get information, and cops will pay a bribe to preserve our nation. We can see, in one way or another, for suggestions.

Corruption’s Effects


In India, corruption leads to promotion rather than imprisonment. Cashing large sharks is very tough. The reasons of corruption are listed below.

Complex rules and processes make it difficult for ordinary citizens to seek government help.

Corruption is created and is on the rise as a result of a shift in the value system and ethical characteristics of persons in positions of power.

Highly educated individuals do not obtain government positions unless they use political influence, while illiterate persons who do not comprehend the position get high-paying jobs, and so on.

What is going to be the solution?


It is not just the government’s duty, but also ours. If we work together, we may be able to eradicate corruption. We should all have lofty ideals to live by so that we may be role models for future generations. As a human being, it will be our crowning accomplishment.

In the films, the Prime Minister (Amrish Puri) is replaced by Anil Kapoor for a day. Second, in the Gangajal film, we witness how politicians abuse their authority, third, how Singham and his crew fight back against politicians who abuse their position, and so on.

Finally, how an actor comes up with a way to teach a lesson to corrupt individuals and how the public backs him up. It should proceed in the same manner. It seems amusing and perhaps hazardous, but we must all proceed with caution. People should also be able to re-elect the candidate they voted for if he or she fails to keep the promises made while running for office.

ü Laws should be impregnable so that politicians do not have any discretion. The politician’s involvement should be limited. ü Bribes should not be offered or accepted. Even tiny designated individuals who need money owing to a lower income are unable to purchase essential items, even for their children; they must be loyal to themselves and others. They will get all wonderful things.

All residents, police officers, and others should make a fuss about anti-corruption and take appropriate action if it is discovered.

A clean system requires responsiveness, accountability, and openness.

Courts should be accessible to quick and low-cost justice so that cases do not languish in the system for years and justice is delivered on time.

The most important thing, particularly for politicians, is that they must consider our nation and do their duties honestly.

All politicians must declare their assets and be truthful.


Corruption is a worldwide issue that affects all nations; yet, the only way to address it is at home. Corruption is a difficult issue to solve.

It’s similar to diabetes in that it can only be managed rather than cured. It may not be feasible to fully eliminate corruption at all levels, but it is possible to keep it under control.

Controlling election expenditures, together with honest and committed public servants, may be the most essential formula for combating corruption. It has a negative impact on the economy. We have accepted corruption for far too long, and now is the time to weed it out.

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