Essay On All Is Glitter Is Not Gold For Students – Read Here

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There are many things that sparkle as brightly as gold. We do not appreciate things only because of their look, despite the fact that our eyes are drawn to them.

Something odd happened in my life. We all come across a variety of things, and individuals are not always as they seem in life. Outward appearances may be deceiving, especially when it comes to certain life events.


“All that glitters is not gold,” as the saying goes.

As an example, 


It is a proverb created to illustrate that nothing in this world, alive or non-living, is exactly as it seems.

It implies that not everything that seems to be valuable or truthful really is. This may refer to persons, places, or things that have the potential to be more than they are.

There is nothing valuable inside every well-wrapped present. We should not evaluate someone’s or something’s intrinsic worth just on their external appearance.

People who are well-dressed and well-behaved are not always pure in heart or have a decent soul.

When we offer a gift to someone, we are concerned with the item’s exterior appearance, which may include some glitter, since we know that anybody may be drawn to it regardless of what it contains inside.



The veil of innocence is sometimes worn by wicked individuals. If a bad person acts well, dresses well, and talks well, he may seem to be a kind person. They attempt to defraud other individuals by taking advantage of their naivety.

As a result, it’s critical to recognize that not everyone who seems to be a nice person is really a decent person. We should not put our faith in anybody without first verifying the facts. Actions are the real litmus test for a man’s character. A person of excellent character is likely to be someone who is consistent in his good deeds.

The outward look of a person may be very perplexing. Gold is a highly expensive metal with a beautiful dazzling look, but it doesn’t imply that everything that glitters is valuable. Things nowadays seem to be so gleaming and beautiful on the outside, but on the inside they are nothing more than a massive empty piece.

In the case of individuals, we may use the same example. From afar, we can’t see the underlying reality beneath the gleaming appearance of things or people. As a result, there is an ancient adage that “everything that glitters is not gold.”

A person may be beautiful on the surface and have a charming personality, but he may lack genuine skill or aptitude, and sure, he may be dishonest.

Many really great and excellent individuals are modest, yet a guy should be evaluated on his skills rather than his outward look. To display oneself beneath different shiny things is necessary for many individuals to live by portraying themselves as solid and shining all of the time in front of others, and it is not an individual’s fault since the time has changed.

Goodness and introspection do not go hand in hand with ostentation; like gleaming glass pieces that sparkle and shine like diamonds, men’s appearances may be deceiving. As a result, judging and analyzing individuals only on the basis of their looks is a bad idea.




There are a plethora of appealing advertising on the roadside, on TVs, on posters on walls, on social media sites, and so on…. It was given beautiful, gleaming labels.

Customers who are poor are duped into purchasing useless items and squandering their hard-earned money. There are many foreign brands accessible in India, however their costs are exorbitant. People fall for it and spend their money on branded items in the name of fashion/latest trends simply to show off since high-class people do it and it looks good on them.

However, this does not imply that they are heartfelt. They neglect to conceal the ugliness that is inside them. A person with keen observation may detect a person’s hidden excellent or negative qualities.

A person’s actions should be evaluated rather than their appearance. Appearances may be deceiving. We should not seek external beauty since true beauty is not found in the look of a thing or a person. A beautiful skin might be concealing a vicious heart; a gentle and pleasant voice could be concealing a merciless attitude.

On the other hand, a rough surface may conceal a golden heart, and a tarnished stone could be a genuine diamond. Another example is that many companies/industries want their workers or staff to seem artificially beautiful, but they neglect to eliminate the underlying darkness from inside.

It’s not always the case that what you see is what you get. Many times, a bride seems to be quite different before the wedding with a lot of cosmetics and appearance, but she appears to be very different after the wedding day. There’s nothing wrong with it, yet the appearance changes.

Another example is that applicants for international businesses interview in formal attire, but it is not essential that they all have the necessary expertise and experience for the position; once again, we may argue that “all that glitters is not gold.”

As you can see, the entertainment industry is the epitome of the expression “everything that glitters isn’t gold.” The glitzy world has an impact on everyone. People admire these actors and actresses, but no one realizes how hard they worked to get to where they are.



It is stupid to evaluate someone only on the basis of their appearance, and no one should do so. A person’s personality and character, quality, and honesty should always be judged, not only their appearance. We must be seen to be dumb and foolish if we just examine the outward appearance while ignoring inner brilliance.

Like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, simple living with lofty thought is always the greatest strategy for living a better life. God has endowed us with various levels of inner and outward beauty, and no one has the authority to evaluate it.

Some individuals have the ability to study; others have the ability to write; yet others have a pure and gentle heart; how are they evaluated by others just because they do not dress well or have attractive appearances?

Simply think big; life is fantastic. Gaudiness does not go with goodness or perfection. We should strive to get a complete understanding of people, things, and situations. A sweet-tasting meal may be harmful to one’s health. It’s important to remember that not everything that glitters is gold.

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