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Father is the person who has committed his time, energy and love to your life. They are always there for you with advice when needed. When it comes to mother’s day gift ideas, there are many options available but nothing beats a heartfelt letter written by father himself!

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In human existence, both parents are crucial. However, we all place the greatest value on our mother in the eyes of our father. Because the mother lovingly bears each kid for nine months and cares for him for nine months. It is reasonable to assume that the stem attached to the neck will endure a lifetime.

The Relationship Between Mother and Child


There is a link between her and the child’s close affection. Parents are described as tough, strict, punitive, and not understanding their children if the mother is kind, caring, and understanding.

The woman who travels from home to house with her children As a result, kids may develop closeness and openly communicate with their mother, while their father is constantly out of the home owing to respect. Their relationship with children is extremely limited.

Father Is Terrified Of His Children


Between children and dads, there is no introspection. As a result, the kids are a bit afraid of their father. Because the father has schoolwork to do, he must constantly consider how to fulfill different household duties. The topic of external job or economic problems is sometimes constantly on their minds.

The kind of oil that may be obtained from the elders in every home is without a doubt done by the elders. The tests are carried out on little toddlers. Images of seniors who saw wrath or anger as a kid are constantly remembered.

As a result, many youngsters are scared to talk in front of their father, fearing or wasting his time. The culture of India is dominated by men. It is usual for women to do all of the household chores and to work outside the home.

Fathers have a significant amount of responsibility.


Because all of a man’s duties entail tremendous responsibility, the male’s father is constantly viewed in a state of stress. This has an effect on their conduct and communication. As a result, the elderly person’s position in society is not as important as the mother’s.

Obtaining such job, on the other hand, is neither difficult nor difficult. It is something that every parent must strive towards. Children get social rituals from their mother, while parents obtain social services from their mother. The father’s genetic qualities become very contagious in every kid.

Children want to be like their fathers.


Everyone aspires to have the same name as his father. In the same way that the image of the father is good or bad in society, the kid runs a child. When society talks fast, it has followed in his father’s footsteps.

It is stated in Sanskrit that fatherhood is regarded a deity by father if your children feel gratified to have the appropriate position in society, respect for their respect. Considering that motivation, we may now all be self-examined by elders all over the globe.

The parent has a significant amount of responsibility for instilling appropriate rituals in his children. All of the father’s and children’s conduct is carefully watched till the morning, from the morning until the time of the night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an essay about my father?

A: If you are looking for an essay about your father, the best advice I can give is to write what he meant to you. That will help better than any other essay could.

What can I write about my dad?

A: You can write about your dads love of plants or his dislike for vegetables.

How can I describe my father?

A: You can use a variety of words to describe your father. Some examples include intelligent, kind, and the man Im named after.

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