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The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with more than 400 million native speakers. It is also one of the most difficult languages to learn and speak fluently.

The english essays for students pdf is a document that provides an introduction to the basics of English grammar. It was written in simple English and can be used as a reference for children and students alike.



English is a human language that is used to communicate between people, organizations, and businesses. Individuals speak a variety of languages, but English is the global language that is spoken nearly everywhere in the globe. Only 36 alphabets are utilized in the English language, and these alphabets are used to construct and work with combinations of alphabets.

Sentences are constructed using the words produced by the combination of alphabets. English is a globally significant language; it is spoken as the main language by about 104 million women in 104 countries. In addition, English is spoken as a second language in many nations, whether for business or tourism.




The advent of the Germanic tribes that conquered Britain around the 5th AD is attributed to the English language. As a result, the English language, which dates back to the fifth century, is taken into consideration. The angels, Saxons, and jute were the three Germanic tribes. The Celtic language was spoken by the inhabitants of Britain in the fifth century AD. The history of English is split into three parts: ancient English, which was formed in Britain from 450 to 1100 AD, and modern English, which was created in the United States.

The Middle English period, which lasted from 1100 to 1500 AD, was a time when individuals of lower social levels spoke English while those of higher social classes spoke French.

Modern English, which dates from 1500 to 1800 AD, saw numerous modifications in pronunciation, with vowels being spoken in shorter intervals. There is also a section of late modern English, which spans the years 1800 to the present, during which time the English language has grown significantly and many new terms have emerged.




English is an essential language in our daily lives since it is a systematic language that is also utilized as a formal language for business and other formal communication.

It is important to learn English since it is a universal language that may be utilized in any part of the globe. Almost every school now offers English as a medium of teaching and study for pupils so that they may learn and use this vital language in their daily lives.



Because of the significance of the English language in India, it is assumed that anybody who understands English belongs to a high social class. Almost every school in India has English-medium instructors, and Indian parents adore their children and want them to attend this English-medium school.

Illiterate people in India use English extensively, but they do not speak it because they do not understand it. English is very important in life since it determines a person’s position as well as their personality.

The English language is widely used in India, mostly for commercial purposes and formal contact with strangers. In our daily lives, the English language plays an important part in informal communication.

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