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The use of computers in education is becoming more and more apparent. They are replacing textbooks, as well as the need to print and store said books for students (which can be resource intensive).The benefits that computers offer have been shown time after time, but there are also drawbacks to using them. Here’s a look at these advantages and disadvantages from an educational perspective

The “short essay on advantages and disadvantages of computer” is a short essay about the advantages and disadvantages of computers in schools. It discusses how it has helped students, but also some drawbacks that have come with it.


A computer, like the internet, is an electrical device that can receive, process, and store data. It is used as a tool by people from many walks of life. A computer nowadays is very complicated; it has a large number of distinct components, each of which serves a particular function.

They must all work together to work on a computer since understanding how a computer works makes it simpler to utilize a computer.

What Exactly Is A Computer?


A computer is an electrical device that accepts input such as text, numbers, sounds, images, animations, and other forms of data and converts them into something understandable as output (processed input). The number, text, sound, and other data regions are referred to as data areas, and if all of these return as output, it is referred to as information.

A computer is an electrical device that can take in data, process it according to instructions, and then output useful information.

  • The data consists of numbers, text, sound, and pictures.
  • Information is created by converting numbers, text, sound, and video (data) into useable data.
  • An input device is required to enter the data.



This should serve as a foundation for the learner as he or she learns more particular details regarding computer hardware. Introduce the learner to the fundamentals of computer use.

System of computers


The computer’s basic requirements are a keyboard, a casing housing a CPU and memory, and a monitor. Data is entered via the keyboard, and the information is typically shown on the screen. Speakers, braille displays, and other output devices may all be used to provide information.



There are many different kinds of computers, such as supercomputers, minicomputers, mainframe computers, microcomputers, and so on.

Computer Advantages


Banks use it to do things like keep track of accounts and manage financial transactions. Customers may check their balance on the internet. Many businesses use computers to maintain track of their customers’ information.

The client may simply complete the transaction online, and the automated systems are simple and fast to use. Every aspect of life has been impacted by the usage of computer technology. It also saves time and effort while lowering the total cost of completing a job.



They spend a lot of time playing games and chatting. Many individuals spend their nights on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and messaging their friends on their smartphones, which is detrimental to their studies as well as their health. It also has a negative impact on social life. A computer is used to execute many activities automatically.

It decreases the need for individuals while increasing unemployment. People utilize computers for nefarious purposes. The computer is used to store personal data, which may be accessed by unauthorized individuals through networks. It has posed a significant threat to data security.


The world has changed in unexpected ways since the invention of the computer. It started to move more quickly, and information was transmitted through a digital highway rather than by hand.

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The “essay on advantages and disadvantages of computer with quotations” is a paper that discusses the pros and cons of using computers in the classroom.

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